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  1. Ok, so do a bit of creative writing and have an idea for an overarching storyline, that would fit in to the existing game and provide additional endgame content with minimal dev time required. When I saw the trailer for Vigor, I almost immediately decided that as far as I was concerned, the story of this game was that there had been a nuclear war and that you played as one of the agents from the Hitman ICA organisation. Your job was to build and set up a safe house / foothold supporting the elites, management and handlers of ICA, who lived on the oil rig and in a bunker complex underneath. Now for obvious reasons, we can't be using the ICA, but why not a different shadow organisation? Perhaps the Norwegian Government / Royal family etc (the player character is certainly a patriot judging from the flag?) End game impact and missions: 1. Food given to the 'poor' should be given to the organisation - perhaps the crown 2. At lvl 13: all resources can be donated to the crown. If enough of each kind is donated - players flag pole gets an additional flag on it (or perhaps 2nd pole) flying the Norwegian Royal flag (or flag of organisation). After this, more resources can be donated to the organisation which upgrades the Oil Rig bunker (e.g. radar, ant missile turret, helipad etc, small then medium patrol boat) 3. At lvl 13 also - The option to do 2 Missions a day is unlocked (which are PVP and linked) Narrow band satellite uplink Mission type 1: Hunter "An operative who works for (enemy organisation ) is trying to download an an encryption cypher, take them out by any means necessary" Mission type 2: Gatherer "There is a narrow band satellite transmission we need you to receive, we do not want to give away the location of the rig, so you will have to go and get it. the location will be marked on your map" gameplay as Gatherer, you need to spend 45 seconds within a small radius that is marked on your map, there will be a Hunter, who knows the location of the radius, and has the mission to kill you
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    Don't move and shoot at the same time. If people are dropping you, even when you have the element of surprise, then I'm afraid to say, you need to git gud
  3. I think something can be done with the price of boosters to increase usage. The price should be dynamic, based on the amount of people that have purchased a Booster already. Though I can't quite decide if the price should scale up or down. e.g. scale down: 1st booster 30 crowns 2nd booster 25 crowns 3rd booster 20 crowns 4th booster 15 crowns 5th+ booster 10 Crowns or scale up: 1st booster 10 crowns 2nd booster 15 crowns 3rd booster 20 crowns 4th booster 25 crowns 5th+ booster 30 crowns Another way that we could have dynamic booster price, that would result in more crowns being used, given that there is a timed "server reset" every 24 hours, is to scale the price of boosters down, based upon how often they are used in that 24 hour period e.g. 1st booster in 'day' 30 crowns 2nd booster in day 20 crowns 3rd booster in day 15 crowns 4th+ booster in day 10 crowns This would have the bonus of rewarding players for spending crowns, even if they use a booster and get killed. And would encourage them to carry on using boosters. Insurance booster should remain unaffected by usage. additionally: at loot level 400% or higher, the vault should contain a small number of crowns, that scale up, depending on the loot level (up to a maximum of 12) - I believe that this combined with the last booster/day price scaling would result in a lot more crowns being spent overall, as players would be encouraged to use boosters, to get to the 10 crown level for the day, so that they could then, in principle, if enough people use a booster, break even, or if everyone did, make a small profit