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  1. 11 hours ago, chernaruski said:

    Is it possible calling for safezone / zedless area externally or it must be placed on mission creation and only possible on init via module?
    I want to try and attach safe zones to a dynamically spawned missions locations, and make sure these dynamic missions are spawned into zedless areas.

    very easy to write a script to delete zombies from an area, i use this method in my trader cities on my missions
    the below just checks if theres any zombies within x radius of the position every 2 seconds and deletes them. 

    // _pos is your mission position
    // _rad is your deletion radius
    // just set MISSION_COMPLETE to true in the win/fail/end conditions of your mission script so the loop ends.
    MISSION_COMPLETE = false; 
    for "_i" from 0 to 1 step 0 do {
    	private _za = _pos nearEntities ["zombie", _rad];
    	if !(_za isEqualTo []) then { { deleteVehicle _x; } count _za; };
    	if (MISSION_COMPLETE) exitWith { _i = 2; };
    	sleep 2;

    canspawnzeds = false; 
    I think the above if executed on a player stops zombies from spawning altogether, but im not sure and unable to test it at the moment. 
    hope it helps. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, RZNUNKWN said:

    Tried to run it, but the game freezes after a few seconds, I spawn, dead though and I see the respawn option but the game simply stops responding. I have everything that is required & INIDBI2 added. 
    I tried vanilla & Malden, both freeze.

    Have you ever experienced something like this?

    The death on first spawn is normal, so you get the spawn select.

    I have had it freeze a couple of times, I'll have to take another look at the last few things I added.

    Because the freezing is new

    Yeah, I think I worked out what was going on. 
    Boatspawner and Heli spawner were very poorly written, I must have been drunk or something when I did that. wtf is wrong with my brain sometimes. oof. 
    I've rewritten them and now it seems ok. i haven't had any lockups from over 20 start/restarts on altis or malden this morning. 

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  3. Just now, RZNUNKWN said:

    @JakeHekesFists, are any of the missions on GitHub you posted SP compatible? They look verrry interesting! 😄 

    PS someone mark this day, the day I included A3 vanilla weapons into my Ravage gameplay, not once I had them included. xD I created a nice little survivors camp at Fotia, with 4 traders and a patrol going around... and "some" (10+ crates of all kinds) ammo caches.... and one T-72.... and one T-80... oh and Huron fuel tank, and a helipad! xD

    And then we got swept up by a random Mi-24 patrol. One rocket strafe run and we were roasted. Good times Ravaging.  🥂

    Yes and no. 
    They're actually designed to work mostly for 1p or at most a small group of people. 
    When I'm playing it, I just run it as Multiplayer > host > lan.  And then I just run around solo and it works nicely that way.
    But because a lot of the persistence stuff i wrote relies on getplayeruid, it wont work correctly if you launch as single player. 

    So yeah run as multi, but host on lan or password it. and play solo. 

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  4. On 9/20/2019 at 3:15 AM, Rat Kid said:

    1. You can only take banknotes one at a time with right click, is there anything or anyway to make it so they transfer at once? 

    I was actually thinking about scripting a way around this the other day.  3 ways came to mind.

    First, a simple add action scroll command. "take all money" to dead bodies.

    Second way was a little more convoluted.
    I'm thinking that I could write an EntityKilled eventhandler.
    So the unit gets killed, a vehicle such as 'Land_Suitcase_F' , 'Land_Money_F' or 'Land_Wallet_01_F' would be created on the ground next to the corpse.

    get the number of "rvg_money" in the units gear, do a setvariable on the suitcase/cash/wallet object, and remove the money items from the corpse.
    Then put an addaction on the suitcase and let players take all money that way. 

    probably want to put a grass cutter down too so people can find the money object.

    Third way would be best, a take all money button added to the gear screen. but I suck at GUIs so I wouldnt even know where to begin with that. 

    edit: I just threw together an example of option 2 and it looks functional.  so if you put that in your init.sqf you'll get $1 every time you kill a zombie, 
    and if the ai you kill is carrying cash he'll drop a wad of bills with an addaction to pick up all the money. probably much better ways of acheiving the same results

    // init.sqf 
    if ((isDedicated) || (hasInterface && isServer)) then {
    		addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", {
    			params ["_killed", "_killer", "_instigator"];
    			if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = UAVControl vehicle _killer select 0};
    			if (isNull _instigator) then {_instigator = _killer};
    			// earn $1 for zombie kills
    			if (_killed isKindOf "zombie") then {
    				if (isPlayer _killer) then { _killer addItem "rvg_money"; };
    			// victim to drop their money
    			if (_killed isKindOf "Man") then {
    				private _money = {_x isEqualTo "rvg_money"} count magazines _killed;
    				if (_money > 0) then {
    					// remove the cash from gear
    					for "_i" from 0 to (_money)-1 do { _killed removeItem "rvg_money"; };
    					private _pos = getPos _killed;
    					_pos set [2,0];
    					// create the wallet item
    					private _wallet = "Land_Money_F" createVehicle _pos;
    					//	private _grassCutter = "ClutterCutter_EP1" createVehicle _pos;
    					private _grassCutter = "Land_ClutterCutter_medium_F" createVehicle _pos;		// whoops. should use default stuff ay? lol
    					_wallet setVariable ["ravageMoney",_money,true];		// set variable so people can take the money.
    					// add an action to take the money
    						"<t color='#15a9bf'>TAKE MONEY</t>",
    						"_this distance _target < 3","_caller distance _target < 3",{},{},
    							params ["_target", "_caller", "_actionId", "_arguments"];
    							private _amount = (_target getVariable["ravageMoney",0]);
    							if (_amount > 0) then {
    								private _storedAmount = _amount;
    								for "_i" from 0 to (_amount)-1 do {
    									if (_caller canAdd "rvg_money") then {									
    										_caller addItem "rvg_money";
    										_storedAmount = _storedAmount - 1;
    										_target setVariable ["ravageMoney",_storedAmount,true];
    								if ((_target getVariable["ravageMoney",0]) <= 0) then {
    									_target removeAction _actionID;									
    									deleteVehicle _target;
    					] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_holdActionAdd", 0, _wallet];


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  5. Sup fams, Just posting here in case anyones interested. 
    I have made a couple more variants of my previously posted ravage mission. 
    I've kept working on it since then, changing things around, rewriting scripts and functions and just generally trying to make improvements. 

    So theres a couple that have been published to the workshop
    Altis (vanilla A3) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1867070042
    Malden (RHS full pack) : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1866883936

    Theres also an Isla Duala RHS version on github that some dude on steam asked me to make for him
    At the moment I'm just making different presets on different maps, and saving the .pbos to github: https://github.com/jakehekesfists/ravage-dmd-edit-chernarusredux/tree/master/PBOs  

    I'll probably chuck a couple more together next week if/when I get time. 


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  6. You could use profilenamespace in Arma 2 as well.

    I used it to save things like whether players could get a one off starter vehicle, their connection count, view distance and earplugs preferences were on my dayz epoch servers.


    I prefer external databases though. In my early pre release version of the mission I used profile namespace and it was very inconsistent to say the least


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  7. I was having problems initially when I had the server scripts and functions called from initserver.sqf, worked well when player hosted, but not on dedi. nfi why.
    but when I moved everything out of initserver.sqf into serverScripts.sqf and then called it from init.sqf like so.

    if ((isDedicated) || (hasInterface && isServer)) then { [] execVM "serverScripts.sqf"; };

    It now seems to work properly when player hosted and when run as a dedi through TADST. 
    The only other thing I can think of that I'm doing different is I copied the workshop inidbi folder into its own @inidbi2 folder, and i exec it from there so it doesnt get confused with my playerhosted save files. 

    honestly I just hit it repeatedly until it worked. 😂
    there were so many failed attempts along the way.
    and i'm still not confident that its 100% working on dedi. just dont have the means to test it properly anymore.

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  8. 8 hours ago, Vandeanson said:

    Can you post your github? Couldnt find it sorry:) 


    No worries mate,




    In addition to the init files.

    You'll probably wanna look at the server and client pveh.sqf files, the and the functions in the  fn\persistence folder.


    I'm sorry I'm not great at commenting my code. So I hope it makes sense


    I handle the player saving two ways, first is a keydown event handler so the player tells the server to save whenever they press escape and aren't in a vehicle. Second is the server doing it on player disconnect.


    Vehicles save when the player does a claim action on them. After that they update when the gear is accessed or the driver gets out.


    Base Objects save whenever a player moves them, so that's done by hijacking one of the r3f logi scripts


    But it's all done with publicvariableserver and PV event handlers.


    Code34 has really good documentation on how to use inidbi2





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  9. I didnt do anything special with my server setup.
    I just used the same mods as the mission + inidbi2 as a -servermod param

    As I said before it *seems* to work on a dedi. 
    but bare in mind I am using TADST on a VM to create a dedi, not doing it properly.

    Dedi rental in Aus is ridic, like $300 a month. I'm not THAT rich. ooof. 

    Just in case it was missed, I'll just say again... anything you see on my github. feel free to use it.
    I want people to make magic

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  10. On 9/7/2019 at 5:46 AM, tourist said:


    Hey fam,

    I've made some more changes and published them  to steam workshop and github.  
    It seems to work (almost perfectly)* on my "dedi", but once again I'd love to see some real-world feedback.
    * it works, but on first spawn, -or- logging out on dead character. == respawn  >> spawn in >> die >> respawn.

    so minor issue, but still annoying and one i cant figure out just yet. 


    If you can do me a massive favour and try again, on your next test, just run @inidbi2 as a -servermod, and dont run inidbi2 on the client
    Seems great on VM, but to quote the bloodhound gang, I'd appreciate your input. :D 

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  11. 16 hours ago, tourist said:

    @JakeHekesFists I checked the mission out briefly yesterday in both hosted LAN and true dedicated server environment as in "upload the mission on my rented dedi server and then join as client".


    In addition to the required mods I had ASR AI running on server & client, and inidbi2 running at both server (-servermod=@inidbi2) and client (-mod=@inidbi2) during the dedi server test run;  also added to that modline a few QOL addons clientside-only like Enhanced Movement or JSRS Sounds.


    In hosted LAN, everything worked "as advertised"; on runningn the mission on the dedi server I noted the following issues so far:


    1) When I started the mission for the first time and died the first time, I got the respawn window, but was denied the respawn button; it stayed greyed out and no timer was shown.  Game time was running in real time/timescale 1:1. Only after quitting as client (keeping the server running) and re-joining anew, I briefly spawned into my charcter's dead body, then got offered the respawn.  For subsequent respawns it worked without any problem.


    2) Prior to the first respawn, the RAVAGE options like search vehicles and objects or repair vehicles were unavailable, but your mission's own actions like the vehicle claiming showed up. Also your actions like the logistics stuff and the vehicle claiming were unavailable. From the first respawn onwards, both RAVAGE and your actions appeared & stayed available & functional.  Also now the time was running a a larger timescale like x4 or x8 by the looks of it.


    3) The persistence on my dedi server worked only in the situation where I disconnected as player, but kept the server running. After doing a server restart, the persistent data was wiped. Today I will try once more with @inidbi2 loaded ONLY on the server for that setup; maybe that was the mistake.  


    That's it so far; had a lot of fun & will edit this post once I have checked the persistence over server restarts if @inidbi2 is loading only on the server.


    EDIT: Checked it; even though the data "survives" in the db folder of @inidbi2 mod over the server restart, it is wiped upon player joining. 


    ADDITION:  The performance might be a problem once more players join. This might be due to the already high map object count of Chernarus Redux itself. I recall that back in the day when both maps were still actively maintained one argument to prefer South Zagoria/Chernarus 2035 over Chernarus Redux was the waaay better performance of the first compared to the latter. Upon spawning in your mission at the beach near Balota Airfield I had 70-80 FPS, but once in the town of Balota with a few objects & zeds & badits, it went down to 30. 


    That's it so far; I hope you keep this up as I am always eager to play a truly persistent APOC/ZAPOC mission which offers more "goals" or "purpose" than the basic sandbox gameplay. 


    Best Regards & THX for sharing the mission



    thats really good feedback, thanks for that. I figured dedicated would give some problems. 
    i knew the frames were going to pretty woeful from the outset, this combo of mods. on that map. never gonna be great. cant imagine what it would be like to have a large battle down in the revamped cherno or elektro. I'm running a skylake i7 and 1080ti and during some of my early tests with 60+ ai at the first iteration of the invasion missions... my computer was wanting to cry or spontaneously combust

    i wont have the time this weekend to give it the attention it deserves, but during the week ill look into setting up a windows vm that i can use as a mock dedi and test properly with.
    I've tried running TADST locally and I didnt have any database issues? I only ran inidbi2 as -servermod though. not on client.
    player data should delete on death, nothing else. 

    No updates pushed just yet, but i've found a good way to create new mission compositions so i can ditch CUP, and move this across to other maps, I gotta make some new comps during the week next week, push that. and then we'll go from there. Not ditching the project, I would prefer to get it working

  12. 35 minutes ago, MuRaZorWitchKING said:

    Remove one or the other: “CUP pack” or the “RHS pack” I HIGHLY recommend using one or the other due to conflicting efforts of each mod when implemented into a mission.

    I ran several exile servers in my time, I know it can cause some headaches. One of my old servers was an RHS/CUP militarised exile on tavi a3 before that got pulled from workshop.
    And surprisingly it actually ran quite well, just never got more than 15-20 people in though. so never got stressed i suppose. Especially not with my 3 hour restart cycles.

    But this cherno redux mission was just a personal project designed mostly to be single player or just for a small group of players. 

    If you have a look in the config files in github, i've made it pretty customisable, i use a lot of #ifdef statements so mods can be turned on/off  in future, 
    I was actually planning, once I'm happy with this mission and I work out a good way to re-do my createbuildingrelative function.
    Then I can make some new mission compositions that arent full of cup items, to make 2 more variants. 

    At the moment the plan is to do one on malden, one on tanoa. one with just rhs. one completely vanilla. 
    maybe a third one on the new terrain if i stop being cheap and buy the latest dlc. 

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  13. 210A8F8791EFF28DC77EECAB1D6F97E7AFE50A53
    Henlo frens,
    I made a mission for ravage, its on Chernarus Redux - with a LOT of mods.  
    I originally just wanted to make it for myself, and maybe some friends to mess around with. But the project took on a life of its own. And here we are...

    GITHUB https://github.com/jakehekesfists/ravage-dmd-edit-chernarusredux
    STEAM WORKSHOPhttps://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1854589233

    Basically I used to run some dayz epoch, exile and wasteland servers, I stopped this years back, but I kinda missed playing it, and i really missed the scripting side of it tbh,
    So the premise here was to create a hybrid of DayZ epoch mod, A3 Wasteland and Exile.
    I like what I've made so far, and wanted to share it with the community

    I have used and modified some 3rd party scripts, such as r3f logistics, sethduda's advanced towing and @HallyG HALs equipment store.
    But theres also a lot of custom stuff I've written into this, such as AI mission systems, PUBG style "redzone" artillery strikes, AI city invasions, service station repair, a ground loot spawn system to work in conjunction with the default ravage loot system, trader safe zones, night fog, and all sorts of stuff. 
    but most importantly an inidbi2 persistence system which saves vehicles, players, base parts, bank accounts and the in-game time/date. 

    I do need to warn everyone in advance, I haven't even attempted to run this in a dedicated environment. and that no attention has been paid to antihack/security at all as it has only been ran locally. 
    This mission hasn't been thoroughly tested. But it appears to work as intended when I host from my local machine. 

    There are still some changes I want to make in future. 
    But I hope that some of you can take this and improve upon it. or at the very least have some fun playing what I've made.


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