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    remove my account

    Can an Admin please remove my account since there is no option for me to do it...?
  2. Abc187

    Changelog Update 1.2: Preppers

    That made me laugh..! "Making the game better constantly" HAHA! It's been nothing but nerfing and making the game more grindy.
  3. "Bug" It is NOT a bug... If it was it would have been fixed over the last few months since the game went free to play, but no.. It is very intensional to keep you in game...
  4. Abc187

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    It clearly shows that you have not played this game very long. So instead of saying what I should do or think you could keep those comments to yourself and let the people who works with the game answer the questions.
  5. Abc187

    Changelog 1.1.46963

    I find it hard to believe that the update ONLY fixed/added/changed (4) things this update. So what are all the changes you are not telling us about? In the past updates there have always been stealth nerfs "fixing" things that didn't need fixing... i.e. Antenna and Challenge reward nerfs.
  6. Abc187


    How about if you could turn 3 white chests into a green one, and then 3 green for a blue one and so on? It would make the white chests more valuable in every encounter...
  7. Abc187

    From the Patch Notes...

    They are called challenges for a reason, BUT you have to think about the players that are going to do them also. Getting 10 kills with a knife is not easy and will take a LONG time to complete and are also BORING AF. Bumping the challenge up from 5 kills to 10 is only a big middle finger to the players, just like adding alot of things that nobody asked for in the latest update but not fixing the mayor bugs that plage the game and irritate the player base.
  8. Abc187

    Update 1.1 Bridges - Changelog

    "Tweaked: Suomi KP/-31 - nerfed" Can you explain how it is nerfed?
  9. The same thing has happend to me on multiple occations, going in with 90 rounds and never fireing the weapon and when you get to the shelter you have 30 left... It sucks when you use a weapon with rare ammo and you loose so much of it.