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  1. Neyr Gee


    In not denying there are good weapons still. This gun just needs a little spread or recoil.
  2. Neyr Gee

    Freezes all player movement

    I don't like this either tbh
  3. Neyr Gee

    Automatic Shooting, Server crash

    I like the idea, when duo and one of us dies but gets killed by the one alive I would like to be able to either get there stuff and give back next match or use meds on them or something , adrenaline shot I dunno
  4. Neyr Gee


    This gun far outshines 90 percent of the guns in this game. It's almost a laser beam.. I am bringing this to attention because I am sick of using this weapon and only crafting this weapon. I have 57 or them atm. I sold most of everything else to craft more of them. I want to use something else but everything feels like garbage exept for a couple of others.
  5. Neyr Gee

    "Dropping" Items

    It's not needed for solo. But when I play with my good buddy we have run into this problem many times. I like the idea of transfering into container's. This would not effect solo gameplay at all because many times I stumble on weapon crates and have to leave weapons behind because I cannot carry more than 2 primary. As for the emotes, they need to be removed or change the game completely to more of a DayZ route with a PvE aspect to it. As it stands now it's only PvP and nobody doesn't shoot on sight and if they ever give me a chance and I find a gun I will shoot them asap.
  6. Neyr Gee

    Please explain

    The Thompson is garbage man.. Soumi.. that's op
  7. Neyr Gee


    Anyone know what the point of it is? So far it's only good for challenges . Yea you can donate to the poor but that does nothing... Id rather a escape ratio ladder or something
  8. Neyr Gee

    Auto firing bug

    This only happens during an encounter When I get in a gunfight with a full auto gun the gun continues to fire after releasing the trigger. Seems to happen most with Thompson SMG but I've had it happen with other automatics. Also walking in water is really buggy.