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    Team kills

    And now the Suomi is glitched I pull the trigger and it gets jammed making me shoot all 72 rounds ... smh I’m done with this game a couple weeks back I spent 105 crowns as well on boosters and the game crashed and I lost everything being a reason why I haven’t played this a lot anymore lmao! Fix the game this is ridiculous
  2. Ishy23

    Team kills

    For someone just spawning in and killing their teammate their accounts should be wiped no matter what they’ve accomplished like Jellythefish662 . Because that’s exactly what he’s doing to people trying to play this game
  3. I like this game but the shooting is a little choppy for example; I opened a window a guy was right outside, I tried to aim and shoot I had to get up on to the window ledge to shoot which then my gun didn’t even shoot when I pulled the trigger it lagged about a 1/2 second if not 3/4 of a second until the shot fired. I understand this is a work in progress so I’m just informing about this issue and also a leaning mechanic wouldn’t be bad in this game for corners and clearing houses instead of throwing our whole body in the open to shoot, as well as the people in houses with shotguns. Campers lol Thanks vigor I love the game tho! iiSHYABOiiGAiiN