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  1. Scott L. Benner

    Shooting system

    I will report people everytime for cheating until you fix your shooting issues with this game. This is a crock of crap. Your game is starting to become trash. So sick and tired of games being dropped that aren't finished. I understand that its ftp but still most important part of these kind of games is shooting kinda point less when you shoot some one and they take no damage but shoot you 2 times and its not even a head shot. Not to mention the dps on a lot of the weapons like the shotgun is oped and others are nerfed. FIX IT!!!!!!!
  2. Scott L. Benner

    Shooting system

    Just unloaded a whole mag from the scorp into a play and got killed. dps is trash.
  3. Scott L. Benner

    Shooting system

    Your shooting system needs lots and lots of work. Its trash countless times I was 2 to 3ft from a player and was ads shooting and not a single shot hit or registered. Also the autofire glitch doesn't happen as much but still does. Tired of going into a match and I have the target locked and shot and then nothing. This is really pissing me off your shooting system needs major work. I mean seriously no bullet drop on a on the ADR-97 aka p90. Total crap but bullet drop on all other weapons. Also the shot guns are way oped. When I get one shot from 40 ft away that is and issue. I love and want this game to become a great one but if these issues aren't fixed I am going to tell any one and everyone who comes to my stream and my gaming community to not waist their time on this. Oh and one more thing, today I watch and reported 3 players for solo teaming that where in a clan. That is a huge problem for me. I hope they get banned for that.
  4. Scott L. Benner

    Lost every thing

    I am about over the issue of getting in game all of a sudden I get kicked or it froze and I lose everything. Crafting isn't cheap so I lose all my m21's meds and ammo. This needs fixed asap. This is an unacceptable issue
  5. Scott L. Benner

    Not ready for release

    Great game. Not ready for release on the xbox at all with these server issues. I just love it when I am on my way to the exit and crash. I lose everything. I want to love this game but its hurting my head...… Plz plz plz work on this server issue befor any thing else. I dont want this game to fail because its so different from a lot of the BR games out now.
  6. Scott L. Benner

    Lost loot due to freezing

    Yes I agree. On xbox I am tired of it freezing in a match I lose every thing. That needs to be addressed ASAP. That is a deal breaker for me. Because of that it makes this game seem pointless for nothing more then kills as opposed to scavenging.