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  1. iGotNothingJPEG

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    I've read in an article that Vigor will be one of the games that will get mouse and keyboard support on xbox, is that true?
  2. iGotNothingJPEG

    Gun Glitch when shooting

    yes, this game is so buggy i don't know why it's even released to the public
  3. iGotNothingJPEG

    Mouse and Keyboard support?

    if they do separate servers they won't have enough players
  4. iGotNothingJPEG

    Gun not shooting when told to

    Same bugs as 5 months ago, why was the game even released if you guys didn't fix any bugs from 5 MONTHS ago? I've attached a video of my gun literally not shooting, after pressing RT about 8 times it started shooting in single fire when it was in full auto, nice one. I've also encountered the same bug 5 months ago when the version of the game was 0.8 you can see it on my channel. https://youtu.be/1DfH7RFHDls
  5. iGotNothingJPEG

    Firing range bug

    You haven't seen this bug yet, it's about the firing range too. https://twitter.com/i/status/1164332749639041024
  6. iGotNothingJPEG

    Crafted weapons disappearing

    Not when I log off, but sometimes when I craft a weapon I just don't get it
  7. iGotNothingJPEG

    Lost loot due to freezing

    it's poorly optimised
  8. iGotNothingJPEG

    Bugs I experienced during the free to play weekend

    I've said it multiple times when complaining about the bugs and I will say it again, this game is not ready for a release.
  9. iGotNothingJPEG

    Lagging when shooting

    This game is not optimized at all, when snowing or raining the game runs lower than 30 fps, its hard enough to play on 30fps already but when it rains/snows it feels like I'm playing on a ps vita. Although this is annoying it's not as annoying as when I shoot my gun and the whole game freezes for about 0.5 seconds, do you know how hard is to play this laggy and buggy mess?
  10. iGotNothingJPEG

    Lagging when shooting

    Don't edit my comment, I'm not going to sit here and praise you for not being capable of understanding basic game mechanics, my original post was: How are you a moderator and you don't know the difference between ping lag and fps lag? My down speed is around 80Mbps and Up is about 20Mbps