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  1. Hi everyone! My name is Gani and im playing Arma 3 since october 2016. Playing Arma always was fun for me but i got bored alone quickm, so I got my buddy to buy the game too. We played for hours CTI KOTH even Altis Life. BUT we soon got bored (one year later) in Ocotber 2017 iwanted to do something big but of course with only 2 players so I loaded up the Arma 3 editor with mods from the steam workshop and after working on the missions for hours i wanted to play them with my bud, BUT we didnt have a server and I didnt have and still dont have the money to rent a server every month with things like netflix psn and other things just sucking so much money i could not and still cant afford it so we found Evolve which we used till the end of 2018 when it got shut down still dont know why. Since then we tried to host a server through hamachi but we still cant get it to work and thats why i need help any advice of how to make hamachi work with the game. if somebody knows what to do but dosent belive me that i bought the game here is a link to my steam libary: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ston219 ty very much for ur help !