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  1. PLEASE READ TO THE END!! THANKS!! Where do I start. As a LONG time supporter of Arma and DayZ on PC, which in my opinion, is better than ever now(I play alot), comes Vigor which IMO is a disgrace to your name...Hear me out.... I play Escape From Tarkov and my console buddies were excited that a game with the same premise was coming to console and they asked me to hop on with them. I played an hour of this game a long time ago and uninstalled because it was unplayable. To my surprise, the game is in a better state mechanically but still has the WORSE combat in ANY shooter I have ever played in my entire life on PC or console...Add on an extremely UNFAIR micro transaction system that depends on the combat and you guys are up for a PR nightmare. I noticed immediately that I could earn the in-game currency which is awesome, but after playing all weekend I realized how long it would take to even get anywhere enough to sustain myself.....yea...not worth even trying. The crate system needs to be addressed immediately! I can purchase crowns, which I then can use pre-round to up my chance of a better crate, which I may or may not EVER receive! I have to win a fight for it....So basically, you take my money and MAKE me chance losing the gear I have, to then lose a crate I gave you money for....So how do you guys not see an issue with this? This is worse than pay to win or EA or Activision!!. At least if I give them money, I get something in return..I mean in COD they lock good guns in crates! You guys NOT see the outrage from that????..So you guys do the same, IF NOT WORSE???? Thats a basic PAY-TO-WIN mechanic, and this game goes a step further and not even give the players the crate after they pay!!...With all the loot box issues on our PLANET right now, you'd think Bohemia got a memo, or watched the news or something. WOW this is BAD! This is a disaster that can be avoided, Id suggest you guys fix this! Immediately!! The next issue is with the crates..AGAIN! Which is disaster number 2!! The crates have different items from player to player!!!!! My common crate had common stuff in it! Which I thought was the way it was supposed to be. Until my buddy read off what he had gotten in his! ALL GOOD RARE GEAR!?!!...I mean common=common, rare=rare right? Not in this game...The in-game crate menus showed me that I had LESS rare gear in my crates as a whole vs. my buddies, as we compared it....So whats up with that? The games combat system is completely broken and needs a COMPLETE overhaul! Getting a crate depends on that, so asking people for money for crates that the game itself ensures most people WONT get anyway, is borderline against the LAW! Early access/game preview=game devs that want you're money before they earn it! (Dont be like this! Plz)This game is no different. It insures players will HAVE to pay in its current state to keep their gear, as you will quickly have NO crowns, and it will take WEEKS to get enough to sustain for a few days and then its back to waiting or PAYING. So so much for insuring your gear. Maybe make insuring your gear cost way less, and you only get your guns back, not what you have in you inventory, which is what Tarkov does..Or maybe add a gamma equivalent like Tarkov has, where I could throw a few rare gun parts in or whatever I dont want to lose...so even If I die I still keep whats in it without insurance. Id also suggest adding crowns to the raids too....maybe 5 here 3 here from looting things etc. As its the ONLY currency in the game right now! On a better note, this game could be GREAT! The combat/BAD netcode/hit-reg/crashing can be fixed. So can the crate and $$ systems...I suggest REMOVING the pre-round crate system, PERIOD. If it stays, change it to resources or something not crowns. ..In its current state, the games a failure if not a scar on your name! I love Arma!!! I play the SH#T out of DayZ on PC....I know you guys can do ALOT better than this! I have faith! I would like to see this game succeed! Heres an interesting concept...If you make a GOOD game, people will THROW money at you!!