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    I just told you that. All kinds. The server I *want* to join has ACE, TFAR, SMA, and CBA. It runs Liberation on Altis.
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    around 60
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    The server in question has no custom scripts, just the few mods. I have replicated this issue by joining all sorts of servers. Modded, unmodded, script-heavy and -light. High ping, low ping, high pop, low pop, doesn't matter.
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    I don't have low fps to these servers, and I get <80 ping.
  5. Well I've given up on trying to figure this out myself. Situation: Impossible to stay connected to any server longer than 5 minutes. On average I stay connected for approximately 1-2 minutes, if that, then I get a solid red chain and the classic "No message received for xx seconds..." until I'm booted. Things I have tried: - joining a server with the firewall off, then joining a server with the firewall turned on again - validating Steam files (doesn't work... always gets stuck on 99% at file 2 of 2) - deleting the addons folder, then joining the server in question, letting Steam re-download the mods - deleting the common redist folder in Arma 3 and validating files (same story, stuck on 99%) - deleting "ClientRegistry.blob" and validating files (same story) - brute force? every time I lose connection I immediately reconnect and it feels like I stay connected a little while longer, but this is probably a placebo affect of some sort. I've noticed that I'm supposed to have a report file in my Arma 3 folder but I don't. I don't have the -nologs startup line. My thinking is the problem has something to do with that, combined with the inability to completely validate my Arma 3 client. Looking for any ideas here.