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  1. well i released the mission on the workshop normally, but time acc. is still enabled when i play it from there. i released the mission publicly if you want to test it out as well https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1822069924
  2. sooo the new update gave us the new "danger zone" module in the eden editor, and after looking around in the function viewer, i think i got it to kind of work. (in module) Variable name: BIN_dangerZone1 INIT: this call BIN_fnc_addDangerZone; this call BIN_fnc_markDangerZone; Hidden: unchecked when i enter the zone, it disables saves as usual, but doesn't disable time acceleration. i'd really like to know if somebody here got it fully working. additional PICS: https://imgur.com/PF3rEjl ERROR