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  1. So idk if this is a bug or not, but when I was playing the root mission in the campaign, I had sent the Livonians to go and fight the ship guarding one of the roots, so of course the alien killed off all the soldiers, then flew off. however when I went to the root, I saw a couple of the pods the alien shoots with, when I went to it, it said get in "scan module" (or gravity tool module) as gunner. I was able to do so, and got to try out all the guns, just blowing stuff up and seeing how awesome it felt. I couldn't really fly, but i could roll by constantly looking all the way down until it was up. Since i loved it so much, after the campaign, I wanted to test the weapons. Then i realized, when you go to the alien ships, you can't actually try them out what so ever. So i was wondering if that is a feature coming soon, orrr, coming never and the campaign has bug.