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    Extended Base Mod

    My Entry in config.ccp //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //EBM Loot ExileClient_system_lootManager_thread_spawn = "Custom\LootManager\exileclient_system_lootmanager_thread_spawn.sqf"; ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
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  3. Does anyone have the loot positions for the Cam_Lao_Nam map?
  4. Whitey01

    R3F Logistics (Exilemod ready)

    @xPooRLoCKerBoYx Create an init.sqf in your MP Mission PBO and write the call into init.
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    I've also been playing since the beginning. And now the last few years Arma3. And after all these years it's still fun. 😀
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    That's nice to hear. I wish you a lot of fun on the server! 😎
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    Custom Sounds

    Ah OK thanks. 👍
  10. Hello friends. I have some custom sounds on our server and add them to mission.pbo. Unfortunately, this increases the size of the PBO and load times. Is there a possibility to pack the sound files on the server like for example the a3_custom.pbo? Which path should I then specify in the description.ext? Lg Whitey
  11. Since I can't get the problem under control, I decided to use a script because it's all about the drag and drop function. But unfortunately I don't get anywhere either. There is no menu that can be selected. Does anyone have experience with this script or does anyone know whether it even runs under Exile? A3 Wounding System - AIS Revive
  12. It is best to test with different helicopters. I mean the UH-1H are the most buggy!
  13. Whitey01

    Trader Issue [solved]

    @El' Rabito Thank you very much for the script! Works perfectly. Unfortunately, I don't know how to enter that into the wastedumper. I think it belongs in the ExileClient_gui_wasteDumpDialog_event_onSellButtonClick. But I don't know how the codes have to be brought together.
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    Trader Issue [solved]

    That's exactly how I got there! But then unfortunately it's over.
  15. Whitey01

    Trader Issue [solved]

    That's exactly what I'm looking for. Example: Gold bars are only bought from the Banker. But unfortunately I got no further with the existing codes.
  16. Is it possible to exchange only one item for another? Example: 1 Gold bar for a Diamond. 1 Diamond for a Gold bar. And would it be possible to swap an item for a Vehicle? Example: 100 Diamonds for an armed Vehicle.
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  18. Hi inmates. Does anyone of you know where I can adjust the map size. With us, the supply box event boxes always end up outside the map. Lg. Whitey
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    Supply Box Event.

    So that doesn't work.
  20. Whitey01

    Supply Box Event.

    I do not know if that will bring anything ... ... but what if you used the following. _mapsizeX = worldSize; _mapsizeY = worldSize; Would that limit the map to the playable map?
  21. Whitey01

    Supply Box Event.

    @chernaruski I have a Custom ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf so that the drops are randomly distributed on the card. ExileServer_system_event_supplyBox_start.sqf config.cpp
  22. Special Gold Transporter Es gibt ein bis zwei Special Gold Transporter die ein mal pro Restart spawnen. Diese haben 500 Goldbarren geladen und somit einen hohen Verkaufswert.. Such es und hol dir das Gold. Achtung, die Bewacher sind schwer bewaffnet und mit Racketenwerfer ausgerüstet !!! Special gold transporter There are one or two special gold transporters that spawn once per restart. These loaded 500 gold bars and thus a high sales value .. Find it and get the gold. Attention, the guards are heavily armed and equipped with rocket launchers !!!
  23. Whitey01

    Extended Survival Pack

    So I'm out of there. 🙂 That exceeds my knowledge and unfortunately I don't know anyone who could. Well, it's a shame not to change. But thank you for your reply !