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  1. I did a little more digging and was able to get a 113 MB AIO config file. Thank you for your help! I am still sensing this project is still quite the challenge and I'm not sure I'm up to it. I wish the weapon configs were easier to sift through, it sure makes gathering data from them into a CSV file that much harder (I haven't even begun figuring out how I might do that). But maybe these threads will help someone else.
  2. How is this used? Do I paste into the debug console?
  3. Justin Self

    Arma 3 Weapon and Scope Stats Spreadsheets

    BTW is there a way to view the MOA/MIL/muzzle velocity/weight etc STOCK values? Or do I have to sift through an AIO config and figure out the math to get MIL/MOA?
  4. Justin Self

    ARMAnet Podcast

    I listen to podcasts at work, excited to add this to my list!
  5. Justin Self

    Arma 3 Weapon and Scope Stats Spreadsheets

    Thank you, I will have to integrate that somewhere. Range / Impact is the white bars you see when selecting a weapon. I couldn't figure out how to get an actual hard number from the game files, so I put a grid of 10 squares over the bars, and mesaured it that way.
  6. > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/12-ldJHtJWI-7sHFMsDxJhGZ47PCt9FyoXIdh19oz_qg/edit?usp=sharing I finally completed my Weapons Spreadsheet with all Stock weapons + DLC (including Contact). Here you can view a variety of stats at once, and sort by them. At the bottom are different sheets/tabs for each weapon type, which showcases a chart of MIL accuracy, Range and Impact in an easy graph. My intention is to add quite a few weapon mod add-ons, but it is quite a lot of work, so no ETA on that. FYI: Contact is missing some data towards the right-most columns, which may appear in a later game update. I don't own the DLC but I was able to view the info in game anyway. I also have the Scopes Spreadsheet which does include a variety of mod scopes, but the stock ones aren't ordered by mod (yet). This is a handy reference for determining which type of scope you want at a glance, and to see it's general properties. > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sGIWt8sAetH2R1Imn3qHJC8Gzpy_Aui4BKEfnkmNrdU/edit?usp=sharing I really wanted to automate data extraction from the game files to make this process easier, but I don't understand where to start and how to go about it -- so all of these guides were done manually by either entering information into the spreadsheet, or importing hand-typed CSV files. A lot of work!
  7. Very informative, thank you! I will do some digging around. I very much appreciate your input!
  8. I am working on a spreadsheet of all stock and mod weapons that I have. Unfortunately there are tons of them, and typing in all these values by hand is quite a pain. I figured there has to be a way I can extract data from converted config.bin files for each weapon. (Spreadsheet would parse through the *.cpp files -- somehow - I don't know how yet). So where I am stuck is... how do I find these values in the config.bin/.cpp (converted) file for example the Khaybar? The values I have used in the spreadsheet are screenshotted, using the ACE virtual arsenal. Where is Range defined? Where is Impact defined? Where is MIL and MOA accuracy defined? Where is weight kg/lbs defined? Where is the ammo type defined? Where is the muzzle velocity in meters/second and feet/second defined? Where is barrel twist and length defined? displayName="$STR_A3_CfgWeapons_arifle_Katiba_F0"; gives me the weapon name, but not in a user-friendly way. How can I find that? Lastly, do any of these numbers have to be multiplied by another number to get the "true" representative number? For example, I see dispersion is for example 0.00145 You'll see in the screenshot below the cheap way I have to figure out range/impact by placing a grid of 10 squares over the graph bars, then deduce from that.