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  1. Sorry, I'm just asking, since I don't know much about scripting. What would that do, exactly? Anyway, thanks a lot for the help 🙂
  2. Nice, thank you! i'll try that 🙂 Just to be sure (I'm just starting with scripts and such), would you use that with SWR, or on its own?
  3. General kenob... hum, sorry for that. Thanks for your reply! I have tried SWR in the past, and even suggested we add it to our unit's modpack, but apparently that was not possible at the time..; but most importantly, I did try it on my own, and while it seems like a must for the basic rifleman (being able to rest on a tree is a game changer), it seemed to me that the stabilizing effect was less pronounced than when using a bipod. What I'm trying to say is that I ran a couple of tests with it a couple of months ago, but it doesn't offer an optimal stabilization for long range shooting (the sway is still pretty strong), so it might not be an ideal replacement for sniper teams, espcially those running ACE Advanced Ballistics. 😕 I have been trying to find anoher solution for weeks now, even suggested the ACE team add some kind of Sabd sock, like real shooters use, that would always provide a flat resting place, but nothing so far.
  4. Every time you try to set up a firing position on uneven terrain (i.e. not a flat surface), the biggest enemy you have to face is your own bipod, which for some reason always ends up pointing skywards or straight downhill (and don't get me started on horizontal slant). I get that the bipod follows the terrain, but in real life slopes are seldom that steep, and regularly so. Real-life shooter can alays find a way to flatten a small portion of terrain or to properly set up. My question is: how could you modify a Bipod to allow for a greater rotational range? Such a modification would make it easier to find a swivel position, and set up your weapon. So far, the Arma community seems to rely on flat objects (fences and such), or modded items (the Tripod kit in ACE, for instance), but all of these mean that the shooter has to stand up or crouch, which isn't exactly ideal for a covert sniper. Is there a way to increase said rotational range, or any other solution?
  5. Sorry, I'm quite new to this forum, and I didn't know exactly how to use your mod. I thought I was the one doing it wrong. Thanks a lot for your quick answer/solution, honestly I didn't expect that much! I think your MOD is awesome, I'm just a bit lost sometimes, as I'm quite the artwork newbie. Where would I need to post, next time? PS: I'll try the hotfix, right away, thanks. EDIT: Just to make sure I get it, the PLP_goldenRatio_debugAbort has to be input in the debug console and executed, right? Thank you for your patience 🙂
  6. Hello everyone! I have been diving into the ACE Advanced Ballistics recently, as our unit decided to try and add a dedicated Sniper team to our roster. After a few weeks of testing and reading guide/watching tutorials (none of which seem to know everything, had to figure out stuff by researching real life ballistics and dive into the config files), I think I have a decent grasp of the mechanics, and our first Sniper team trials work prefectly. Right now, we are using a modded Sniper Weapon System (SWS) with a G1 ballistic coefficient, which pairs well with the C1 model used by the AtragMX ballistic calculator, so all is good. That being said, we might want to expand in the future to allow the team to field a variety of SWS, so I have been scouting other modded weapons. The community has made some awesome models and weapons in general, but I noticed many of those are coded with the G7 drag model (in their config files, I mean). Now, I know G7 is better suited for long-range shooting, as it is made for a boat-tailed bullet, whereas the G1 model is for flat-based bullets, so I'd be all for using G7. The issue is that the AtragMX only computes with C1 (which is pretty close to G1), and not with G7, and this won't change anytime soon (I specifically asked one of the ACE modders). My question would be: how would you use a G7-coded weapon with the AtragMX? So far, here's the solutions I've gathered: I know one can calibrate the drag model with the Truing Tool, but that would give a new C1 value. Would that work? Would it be better to tweak the config of the weapon with a G1 BC? I found a Ballistic coefficient converter online, would converting to C1 and then truing the BC work? Someone suggested using real-life calculators, like Applied ballistics, but we'd rather keep it in-game as much as possible, and we can't really ask all of our snipers to buy a 30 dollars app. If anyone has a good suggestion, I'd be grateful and all ears! 😄
  7. I know I am going to come a cross as a huge dummy, but I've never scripted or anything so far, i am just messing around with the Editor. I am trying to take a screenshot, but I need to pause right as the muzzle flash appears, and every time I start the Splendid camera, the POLPOX Artwork mod has the golden ration module flicker on a screen for a split second, and the animation goes forward that split second, resulting in no muzzle flash. now, the mod has a function to disable the golden ratio, and it says: "You can abort this function with executing PLP_goldenRatio_debugAbort = true; before launch camera." I have tried everything with this script, and I cannot find a way to make it work. I tried the debug console, nothing. Would anyone know what I am doing wrong?
  8. Krataniel

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    It would be awesome if someone could fina d a way to fix bipod deployment. It's been a lot better since the Marskman DLC, iirc, but deploying your bipod is still a huge endeavour, where you are wiggling around like a worm to find the right spot. I know ACE 3 introduced the SSWT Tripod, but it's not exactly a solution, as it's minimal elevation still forces you to stand up/crouch; with no way of staying prone. Which is of course a big no no for most snipers/concealed shooters. I guess fixing the bipod system altogehter would be too hard, but could it be possible to make a sandbag (or sand sock, as reali snipers often use) to make for a level rest for your bipod when prone, something you could place (maybe with ACE?) on the ground in front of you?
  9. Great guide! Although, in the comments to one of your videos, you specify that you're not using the Uprange wind speed (the one you can measure with your Kestrel), but the Downrange speed, by looking at the color of the arrow and the angle of the Mirage. Could you be more specific, please? I can't really see what you mean when you say the mirage is angled 45* (don't really see anything in the scope), and how would a different angle inform you about the wind speed?