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    Contact petition.

    +1 I do not want to rely on the optional dlc mode (which makes sweeping changes to how the game works that I'm not a fan of outside of the campaign, it's great there, but not outside the campaign) to have access to the alien assets for missions I'd like to create involving them, doesn't need to have the complex script functions seen in the campaign, I just want ALL the props! And maybe even the gravitic anomaly effect stuff if that's not too hard.
  2. FoxEatingWolf

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    I'm talking added without the huge changes that have to be enabled (such as losing multiplayer, lighting changes, vehicle interface info, and so forth). The content would still be restricted like all other DLC's. I understand things like scripted functions and such yes could be a problem, I just want the props really! And I'm certain things like the ought to work just fine really, I just don't want to change the whole game to get access to this for my sandbox needs, in other words just cosmetic props.
  3. FoxEatingWolf

    Contact Expansion Asset Feedback

    Please make ALL the alien assets and environmental effects available in the normal game, as someone who likes to do sandbox creation stuff that is MP compatible, this separation and being required to have huge game play alterations in order to access this stuff is a major disappointment, I love everything Contact has given us, but I want ALL the assets without these barriers, It would have been a perfect expansion otherwise!