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  1. Within our config.cpp found the following code : /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Community Base Addons /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class CBA { // Set this to 1 if you want to have CBA support useStackedEH = 0; // If you set this to 1 ........................................... iReallyWantToGetHackedAndImRetarded = 0; }; I did a search to figure out what the setting actually does and could only find a very old post on the exile forums which was a debate about exile never supporting CBA. Could somebody just point out what setting this does or what it fixes relating to CBA ? Thanks very much.,
  2. Just a quick question does this also fix the poor sound distancing with this mod which folks complain about when all sounds from zombies sound like they are next to you ?
  3. Cheers Chernaruski that is what I am starting to feel we use ExileZ as the zombiie spawner and I have seen a couple of posts claiming it is fixed. I need to check the version we have unfortunately there is no versioning number or data I can find. I will get latest versions and try them to see if it goes.
  4. Ryans Zombies on our server are attacking empty vehicles (mainly when parked off road) and also seem to block players getting into the vehicle as well. I have found some old messages going back to 2016 noting this issue and an ai was spawned within the vehicle which causes some trouble, this was fixed I believe. Can anybody point me in the right direction to stop this annoying occurence. Cheers Very Much. Andy. Quick update, just tested multiple times, If I park a vehicle off road and let a Zombie hit it approx 50% of the time when I get out of the vehicle an AI is left in the drivers seat and the zombies carryon attacking the vehicle. It does not seem too happen on the road.