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  1. After being remoted controlled by Zeus and then left to the AI they still fire their guns, walk/run but won't aim at the enemy any more it's like their arms stopped working, this happens only with infantry, at first i tried to remove some mods but then even fully vanilla game with no mods or optional dlc would still contain this bug dev version too i also verified the integrity of game files, uninstalled both arma 3 and steam,deleted appdata leftovers but nothing worked can somebody help with this? If more details are needed i will help with that .
  2. every time i see the f-22 with the EWP i keep wondering if it would be possible to one day Arma 3 have something like the Strangereal universe 8AAM missiles or maybe some other " special " weapon from the series ... well anyway good job on the new EWP models they look very good as always!!! (please!!! don't take this as a request this was just a thought)