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  1. For you everything is fun, absurd and acceptable when its done about you because you know such shit will never happen. Your history is perfect . For context Livonia (modern Latvia and Estonia) was thrown around west east south back and forth, constant wars and never free and independent, always under foreign power in history got free again 20 years ago and now to make such stuff like put us somewhere in Suwalki gap with size smaller than Kalingrad and make us Polish speaking is rlly disrespectful. All that info is reachable from google and i doubt they didnt research. If its fiction then make fiction country not put historical names. People in baltic states already take it with offense, just came to post here because one wondered if there are any people talking about it here.
  2. For you it may seems absurd and fun, because you know it would never happen. Little history class and its like putting salt to wound in our case. I dont really think this dlc is going to have much fans from baltic states, as we are taught history about our countries, but good fun for you
  3. Its about name, not that its fiction or not. Its equivalent of taking name "Prussia" and doing same tricks with it, putting it in same size like Kalingrad and making it Polish. Its massive disrespect, atleast make up some fictional name if its a fictional country then. I dont think you know history of our countries so its disrespectful. Googling Livonia just like Prussia should have given the game developers all, but they didnt seem to care so i have doubts they didnt do it on purpose. Not sure what their goal is, but such shit should have been brought to a game
  4. Fun stuff. Should have called it Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth and shrinked it to that same place and made it Lithuanian or Latvian speaking country, would you have liked it? Some reacting laughing emojis, fun stuf for you but im not sure if you would be laughing if these same fictional situations would be done with your country and people. Massive disrespect from game developers and these people, such shit shouldnt have been brought to a game and i have doubts they didnt make it purposely. Googling Livonia shows all
  5. Don't know what kind of genius thought that taking name of Livonia, putting in Lithuania and Poland and having people speak Polish there is a good idea. Livonia is modern Estonia and Latvia who suffred centuries to come independent. It's equivalent of taking name of Prussia, putting it in Norway and calling it Norweigan speaking country. Very disrespectful stuff to modern Estonia and Latvia even if its "fiction" or just "game". Shameful