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  1. Viper 2017

    GF Police and Siren Script

    No luck so far, was trying to convert it to a .wss but Arma3 tools lagged out.
  2. Viper 2017

    GF Police and Siren Script

    So I've fixed that error, nothing changed in the siren part itself. I've set it to music to check to see if the sound does work; It does. I'm working on the Killzone_Kid deal but I'm not that adept at this so it's taking time and a lot of debugging. Visual basics class was uhhh my mess around class.
  3. Viper 2017

    GF Police and Siren Script

    I'm using a custom sound from youtube converted to ogg then defined cfgSounds by the description.ext and put in the "sounds" folder, then replaced your sound with this in your Init.sqf [playSound3D ['\sounds\Siren.ogg',_car]] call BIS_fnc_MP; Description.ext class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class Siren { name = "Siren"; sound[] = {"\sounds\Siren.ogg", 1 1}; titles[] = {0,""}; }; };
  4. Viper 2017

    GF Police and Siren Script

    How would you change the siren sound to a custom one? I've made the Sounds file and description.ext file with the class name defined, its just not making noise