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  1. Pimp Daddy Mic Pappy

    Audio Glitch

    My arma 3 audio does not work good ive attempted geting help on the arma discord but I couldn't describe what was wrong and I have not seen anyone else have this issue Here is a clip of an operation I was, all you cab hear is a vehicle cooking off and some occasional explosions the main things I cant hear a shooting sfx and engine / vehicle noises but even then I can hear some weapons I have tried playing base game, validating my game files and some other things I tried updating my audio drivers but it said they were up to date If any one can help it would be great
  2. Pimp Daddy Mic Pappy

    Armageddon 1914-1918 WW1 Expansion [WIP]

    Can my unit do a 1916 rising op with this mod?