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  1. Spartane

    [Terrain] Uzbin Valley

    Do you plan to make the map as close as possible to the real location or do you plan to adapt it to the gameplay of arma. For exemple I don't remember that there was an air base in this region.
  2. Spartane


    Hello, I don't know if somebody already asked that question, if yes I'm sorry, but do you plan to implement the mod: "AMF" in your mission ? Its weapons are better than the R3F ones in my opinion (but I share this opinion with a bunch of people) and for the rest it's always better to use real french gear and vehicles than retextured vanilla assets.
  3. Spartane

    Project Livonia

    Yeah, thank you for making the Nyx, Unfortunatly I can't try it right now but I'll surely use it a lot in the future and give a feedback about it. I'm also happy that you don't plan to overexpend the faction with overpowered vehicles for the faction size ^^. As for an APC we already have the mora but I'm definitely not against a wheeled one as the other person said, I would personnaly hesitate between the marid and the AAF one, for me the second one is more beautiful but I also feel that it may transform the faction into an AAF clone which would be sad so I can't really choose. Also I feel that an armed 4X4 would be great for recon operations. And since the armed pick up really looks too rebel/third world equipment, I thought about the prowler or the Tanoa armed 4X4 (the one used by syndicate), I think that the CSAT one is a bit to much since it uses a damn minigun. I also read on the steam page that someone thought about arming the training plane and I know that it's possible to add an invisible machine gun in the nose (it's cheap but it's a beginning) with a command in Eden editor, but I don't know if it is possible in the config.cpp file. About the fact that you've lost the file for the training plane, can't we just try extract the PBO to get them back. I know there are some methods to do it even if it is binarized but honestely I've never tryed. These are my current ideas, I hope that it helped and keep up the great work man, I'm eager to see more !
  4. Spartane

    Project Livonia

    No camoflaged bottom seems better in my opinion. But why would livonia use A-10s that's kinda overpowered for such a small state and in real life no other country than the US own A-10s that would be really strange.
  5. Spartane

    Project Livonia

    A Nyx would be really nice ! I'm not against a prowler too 🙂 But I think that the Leo is a bit to big for an army like the livonian one
  6. Spartane

    Cannot open object

    No I do pack with addon builder from arma 3 tools, the object was correctly extracted from blender to object builder and then saved in P3D, the preview in bulldozer was correct. My object isn't actually a tree it's just a prop I made on blender (just a basic cylender) but it does appear in the menues (object list) in arma 3 but when I place it on the map it doesn't show up and the error message "cannot open object test.p3d".
  7. Spartane

    Cannot open object

    Hey, I'm a bit late but could you tell me how you fixed it since I have the same problem and I can't figure out what to do. Thank you,
  8. Spartane

    Importing object in game

    Thank you, I'll follow this tutorial and if I've problems I'll ask my questions in the arma 3 discord (I hope I won't have to do so) Thanks again
  9. Hello, I do have an issue importing a object that I made on Blender with a texture in an arma 3 addon. It's not a weapon or a vehicle but just a prop so I thought it would have been "easy", but apparently not, or at least for me. So I followed this little tutorial... ... but there is one step where it asks me to create .hpp and .cpp files and I don't have any idea what these are and how I can create them so I made txt files to see if it would work but of course it didn't. I'm a complete noob on coding stuff so if somebody could help me I would be grateful. Also the tutorial doesn't explain how I can import the texture I have made in blender, I'm assuming it doesn't export it automatically since when I made a preview in object builder my object was completely white so if somebody could help me there too that would be really nice. Thank you 🙂