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  1. Hello Team, today I crafted the Ak74 for 3600 Materials and I got the build timer , but as soon as it hit 0:00 the weapon was not in my Stash. I would not invest anymore mats if this Assault rifle is not available to be built as of now. Best regards
  2. Hello Bohemia Team, Today on four times I lost the equipment that I put on due to an match making error after the timer for finding a match was gone, the prematch screen did not show but instead I got to the start page of the xbox. That Issue did happen maybe once in the last few weeks but never this frequently. This happend randomly and not in a row or a specific hour of the day. I lost the following equipment: 2x Times M21 with 40 shot and PPSH-41 with 175 shot and 2 antibiotics 1x Time ES16A2 with 90 shot and 1 antibiotic 1x Time PKM with 120 shot and 1 antibiotic because of this I decided to stop playing best regards
  3. DonLeon82

    Crafting time issue

    Hello Bohemia Team, there is a issue when crafting the PPSh-41. The craft queue shows a ? for Item and below the timer shows 00:00 in red. When I log out of the game for about 10 minutes the PPSh-41 is added to my stash. Otherwise I enjoy the game a lot. Thanks in advance for fixing this. Best regards and great success for the actual launch