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    Sound issues(MP,SP)

    Might do it, and move it so ssd rather than hdd. If I eventually do it, I'll update the post here if it solved anything or not. Cheers for the replies!
  2. __Moose

    Sound issues(MP,SP)

    No, I run a freshly installed ARMA 3, no mods or anything. And I use my laptop's speakers
  3. Hello everyone, I just started playing ARMA 3 on my new pc, fixed the fps issues and now I have another problems, regarding game sounds. To begin with, while in single player missions or showcases, I can hear random car sounds, like a car passing right besides me, or even pulling up behind me, just because for me to run away from my position. These bugs also happen with helicopters and bullets. Now in multiplayer the story is a bit different, but yet kinda similar. I can hear tanks from a mile ahead of me, and the bullet sounds are just ugh... I can stand behind an enemy tank just to hear a suppressive enemy fire and not the actual tank's sound effects. I've been trying to find anyone with a similar problem, but yet had no results. If anyone have experienced this issue please let me know, or maybe this is the part of the game bugs. Anyway, thanks in advance!