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  1. So I will start by saying that I know that arma 3 runs like shit and FPS are non existent, but I genuinely seem to run the game at same FPS with my upgrade and compared to lower spec builds I run way worse. For example arma 3 KOTH I run at around 20-28 frames at the hill, during arma 3 ops my frames constantly take a dump into 10s even. Specs: CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x GPU: Strix-1070 8GB OC Win drive: NVME M.2 960 EVO 1TB (arma 3 is installed in there as well) Ram: 2x8GB 3000mhz vengeance RGB ( fancy I know) Display: 1440p 27" Dell monitor and 1080p 24" samsung (rather old monitor) Let me know if I missed any other important specs. I don't run many apps in the background, usually its TS, discord, Nvidia and Razer synapse, steam and from time to time some other launchers. I usually lag sometimes crash in urban areas for example chernarus or when trying to access an ace arsenal. Usually my CPU and GPU usage are similar and stay at around 20-50% rarely I see it go to 100%, I do use launch parameters and I have tried memory allocators but I don't see a difference and frame rate, same with or without profiling build. I watched many YouTube and steam guides about FPS increase and such, but they do nothing to me, the moment I go near an enemy or town my frames go from at best 50 in forests to 12, even 5 fps in chernogorsk for example. So... does arma still hate running AMD?
  2. So I got my ryzen 5 2600x with 1070 I installed arma 3 on my 970 evo I launch the game and it freezes a few minutes after when I try to end task, steam stops responding and then when booting down Pc doesnt BOOT down anymore it turns off the screen and keeps running