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  1. The big bad wolf

    Radio lady getting annoying

    My shelter is level 11 I don’t need someone telling me the airdrop is dangerous. Also she is very loud in relation to the other audio. There should be an option to turn her off.
  2. The big bad wolf

    Update 0.9 Aid. Changelog

    The tutorial achievement didn’t unlock for me
  3. The big bad wolf

    Insurance Needs To Go!

    How is insurance fine? You didn’t argue that point at all. If everyone was running around looting to their hearts content with the occasional gun fight and no consequences for losing it, that wouldn’t make for exiting gameplay. Also what about the gun duplication glitch that would be way worse if insurance was so accessible?
  4. The big bad wolf

    Insurance Needs To Go!

    Let me start by saying that I love this game, I have been following and playing it on and off since launch, but insurance is going to kill it. The first issue with it is the unfixable easy exploit that allows players to duplicate guns and ammo. If you don’t allow players to loot their duo partner they could easily use the old teaming trick. If players with insurance don’t drop guns that would be extremely unfair to people not using insurance. You might as well be able to purchase guns! My second issue with insurance is that it takes the excitement from the game and causes players to play recklessly. Why would anyone not go for as much loot as possible including the air drop? There are no consequences for dying. It’s also not fair to the players that do have something to loose. I understand this game needs to go F2P and needs to make money but insurance is NOT the solution.