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  1. Hello, I'm looking for a way to remove an ace3 base action: the "take prisonner" action accessible by pointing the right target hand. Here is why i would like to remove it: I'm making an hostage script called by an aceAddAction. When executed, the hostage become autonomous and do what he has to do: go out a building and embark a vehicle. The thing is: the base Action : "take prisonner" makes my script kind of useless! I do not want the player to take prisonner and escort it due to the high number of hostages. I want to save time. I know how to remove an action i put myself using the "ace_interact_menu_fnc_removeActionFromObject;" function. I think i understood that i need the Ace action class name (ex : "ACE_TapShoulderRight"). The one i would like to remove seems to be called : "ACE_ApplyHandcuffs" found in "ACE3/addons/captives/CfgVehicles.hpp" : https://github.com/acemod/ACE3/blob/master/addons/captives/CfgVehicles.hpp. so, i would try something like this : But i'm unable to find the name of the action i should put between quotation marks where "myAction" is written. I searched the gitHub without any result. Maybe because Ace is too advanced for me! So, i'm here to ask for help! Does anyone of you know a way to find what i'm looking for? Or just a way to do it? (would be great!) Is it at least possible? Thanks for any help, and thanks for reading! Cya