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    Sniper is constantly missing my target

    @x3kj How can I artificially spawn the bullet? I think that would be the best course of action. The actual scene doesn't need to have the actual AI shoot him, but just to seem like it did. So the easiest way to simulate this event would be the best option for me.
  2. xplosivmufin

    Sniper is constantly missing my target

    OK, thanks to everyone who has suggested fixes, I will try all of these!
  3. So I'm using this code to create an event in my mission where our PBR driver is shot and killed (this is using the Unsung Mod). I've encountered an issue where the AI keeps missing the target. Is there an easier way to have my driver get shot than this code, if not, what do I need to adjust to actually have my sniper shoot the driver. I think the sniper is trying to aim at the body of the target which isn't visible (I want the sniper to hit the head). The code I used is from Grumpy Old Man, here it is: GOM_fnc_sniperKillTarget = { params ["_sniper","_target",["_debug",true]]; if (_debug) then { systemchat format ["%1 attempting to shoot %2.",typeof _sniper, typeof _target]; }; while {alive _sniper AND alive _target} do { sleep 3; _sniper reveal [_target,4]; _sniper doFire _target; }; if (!alive _sniper AND _debug) exitWith {systemchat "The sniper got killed!"}; {group _sniper forgetTarget _x} forEach (_sniper targets [true,0]); _sniper disableAI "AUTOCOMBAT"; _sniper setBehaviour "AWARE"; _sniper setUnitPos "UP"; _awayPos = _sniper getRelPos [1500,_target getRelDir _sniper]; if (!alive _target AND _debug) then {systemchat format ["The target got eliminated! Moving to grid %1!",mapGridPosition _awayPos]}; _sniper doMove _awayPos; true }; _debug = true; _shoot = [mysniper,myVIP,_debug] spawn GOM_fnc_sniperKillTarget; I used this code because I don't know how to code anything (I've never coded anything in my life), so I had to look for solutions on these forums. I had read on the forum I found this on that you could have the sniper anywhere on the map and shoot, and have the damage set to 1 or something and that would work but I do not know how.