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  1. I have a problem with an event handler in my Zeus scenarios. Basically, I want to have a revive system (specifically this one) be applied to units in my map. Though I noticed that the revive system only applies its functions to units at mission start, and not after that. After some tinkering to see how it works, I came up with adding this to my scenario's init.sqf: gm_m addEventHandler ["CuratorObjectPlaced", { [] execVM "AIS\Core\fn_postinit.sqf"; }]; gm_m in this context being the curator module. It worked exactly the way I wanted it to when I tried it out in local MP, so I went ahead. I played a match of the scenario with my friend, thinking it was fixed. However, when he hosted the scenario, it turns out that the event handler does not work at all. Thinking it was some kind of problem with locality of the code being executed, I tried: gm_m addEventHandler ["CuratorObjectPlaced", { [[[], "AIS\Core\fn_postinit.sqf"], "BIS_fnc_execVM", true] call BIS_fnc_MP; }]; It did not do anything to help. It still worked in local MP, but it does not work when my friend hosts. What is even stranger, still, is that when he was the Zeus, the event handler worked exactly as in my local MP testing. Only when I am the Zeus, and he's the host (and player), does it not work at all. What is this about?
  2. Whenever I try to launch Zeus with the test mod, I get this error. I don't really know what that means, since there is an entry in the file for CfgPatches.
  3. @wsxcgy Okay, thanks. Hopefully the thread won't have to drag on for much longer, because I still have one more issue. I did successfully manage to pack the mod (which is just the unchanged config.cpp file from the thread you linked) into a PBO file, publish it, and then launched the game. I noticed that when I fire up the Eden Editor, I can see a nameless faction with a helicopter and some soldiers, as expected. However, when I play in Zeus, there is no such custom faction. Does one have to do something special to make it appear in Zeus?
  4. @wsxcgy I saw that thread before, but upon looking at it now a second time I understood it better. However, when I make a config.cpp, put it in a folder, and try to publish it through the ArmA 3 Publisher tool (just as a quick test), it gives me an error: "Error: No PBO files are included". What does that mean?
  5. I would like to create my own faction in ArmA 3. I did, of course, Google the basics of how to do it before I went onto creating this thread, but the resources I find are really big in scope, and I am not sure if they are pertinent to exactly what I want to do. The resources I found detail things like adding your own models, voices, and so on, but I don't really need all of that. I simply wish to create a faction utilizing existing resources from the base game and some mods I found on Steam Workshop. Specifically I want a "Norwegian Special Forces" NATO sub-faction, that has its own custom set of loadouts, fatigues and vests from a mod, and a few other details. In theory it should be simple, although I have no prior experience in creating my own ArmA 3 addons. What is the bare minimum I need to know to accomplish that? Edit: I think I posted this in the wrong section of the forum, but it doesn't seem like there is a way of deleting your own threads.