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  1. SBS Fenrir Company is a European based unit which aims to have realistic intentions and having fun. Here we aim to have fun roleplaying as the British Royal Navy’s special forces called the “Special Boat Service”. Our missions are based around a lot around stealth, sabotage, intelligence gathering, high value target terminations and much much more. 

    Our main code in this group is as follows:

    1. Respect
    All players, staff and guests are to be treated with respect at all times. 
    2. Communication
    In this group we do not talk about each other, we talk with each other.
    3. Fun
    We are a basically a group of people just wanting to have some fun together. Don’t be that guy that changes because of a rank or that is being a meme all the time


    We have Campaign Operations every weekend (Usually on a Saturday, just whenever the host is free) and Training every week to constantly improve on being a good, consistent Arma player whilst enjoying our time. 


    If this has grabbed your interest just hop in the discord and we can recruit you into our ranks: https://discord.gg/67ZYkpC


    I hope to see you amongst our other brothers!

    Best regards,

    Sergeant "Dagger"