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  1. Alright,so i added the 35mm shells used by the Tigris to a T-140K Angara which has a sensor and datalink window,grouped to a Nyx Recon(RADAR on) and the Target Lead indicator works!!


    So these are the things that i've learned:-

    1."ballisticsComputer" value under CfgWeapons for the Mora cannon should be "2+4"

    2.Vehicle must have a radar or a data link system

    3.It must be able to lock onto targets with atleast a square bracket lock(not the full square lock,the ones with only the corners)



    So these are the things i should do in order to get a target lead indicator for a special AA variant of the Mora:-

    1.make a new ammo type with the 30mm,the only difference being defining the ballisticsComputer value as "2+4",and setting the FCSmaxLeadspeed and FCSZeroingDelay

    2.Add a radar(complicated) or a datalink sensor(easier) to the Mora

    3.Make the Mora be able to lock onto targets in it's sensor window(Nyx recon can't lock onto it's radar targets )


    I need help to achieve steps 1-3

  2. Okay,i found and edited the ballisticscomputer values to what i want and created a custom config.cpp


    class CfgPatches


        class HMG_static;
        class HMG_127_LSV_01: HMG_static
            ballisticsComputer="2 + 4";
            class GunParticles
                class effect1
                class effect2










    i made it into a .pbo and ran the addon,no difference for the prowler mounted HMG

  3. Hey,i am new to scripting and changing configs and this is my first try at it.I am trying to add a target lead indicator,like the ones you see in Cheetah and Tigris to other vehicles with  electronic turret optics.Now i digged in through CfgWeapons info and saw that i just had to change the value for "ballisticscomputer" in CfgWeapons.But the problem is,......where is the location of CfgWeapons,under what pbo does it exist? I went and opened the config.bin of Prowler and there is nothing called CfgWeapons there either.


    The "ballisticscomputer" value that i want to change should be under "HMG_127_LSV_01",but can't find the location of it

  4. 2 hours ago, Ex3B said:

    Its easily modded in though. I've written some for my own use to give some airmobile units a bit more "teeth".... Ifrits firing SLAP ammo from their HMG still aren't really up for taking on Marshals and Rhinos.

    They do shred Nyx's pretty well though.

    But for the same of consistency, I also made HMGs firing 12.7x108mm APDS for CSAT, and made the NATO equivalents use the SLAP rounds.

    I think its not used though because the APDS/SLAP rounds were meant for antimaterial rifles, firing a few well aimed shots, and not to be spewed out of a heavy machinegun.

    Perhaps the SLAP went unused because NATO never got a .50 BMG rifle?




    They make such ammunition down to .308 caliber at least it seems.



    So... I also plan to make a config adding .408 SLAP ammo to the M320 LRR.


    Can you please tell me how to put these rounds in the Mounted M2 of offroads?Like a simple script or something?

  5. I have been playing Arma 3 for the last 3 years and i am a very satisfied player.However,there are some things that can improve the gameplay a bit more,like the unused B_127x99_SLAP ammo for the M2 HMGs.I would love to see this ammo used in offroads which have mounted M2 HMGs.