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  1. i changed that version later bc i thought it was for required addons before it was set to1.88 same as the ace one.
  2. oh i though it was the required version of the required addons. I mean i could use the normal ACE aptional but i like having everything on the workshop makes it easier for me to share modsets and use em in my group. I know it isn't dificult to use local mods but some people are quite stupid. It was allready a pain for some to use a modset and don't get me started on getting TFAR to work for everyone (i know you are the current dev) i mean i like the mod and i want to use it but i've had so many issues with it that i will wait untill it is hopefully a bit more stable. when it comes to the compat file i checked the ACE one only thing i could find that it has is a script component file but i can't find the files it is references to i might ask a few friends to help me out and hopefully get it figured out. #define COMPONENT compat_rksl_pm_ii #define COMPONENT_BEAUTIFIED RKSL PMII Compatibility #include "\z\ace\addons\main\script_mod.hpp" #include "\z\ace\addons\main\script_macros.hpp"
  3. in the cfgpatches i put this class CfgPatches{ class ace_compat_RKSL_attachements{ name="ACE3 - RKSL attachements compatibility" units[]={}; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=3.00; requiredAddons[]= { "RKSL_PM_525", "RKSL_PM_II" }; author="bertishero"; }; }; #include "CfgWeapons.hpp" i saw there was a copat file for the scopes while digging in the ace addon optional files but on the workshop there is no rksl ace compat or at least i couldn't find it. so i thought i could try and make one. I tried with the optional addon in the ace files and that one worked fine but i can't figure out why mine doesn't. and this point i'm too invested in trying to make it work so i know when i have to do something along the same lines in the future.
  4. So i'm going to start this off by saying i have no previous experience modding anything arma 3. But after finding out that some of the scopes in my modpack don't allow for ace adjustment i thought i would give it a go. After some time spend looking at other pbo's and the ace wiki i got my first mod working, a compat mod for ace and RKSL attachements. There is a small problem though i can't seem to fix niether do i have any clue how to. The scope works fine with ace adjustment but for some reason i'm still able to change the zeroing the vanilla way. what i'm asking is can anyone help my fix this or help me find a solution? this is the code i used class CfgWeapons { class ItemCore; class InventoryOpticsItem_Base_F; // ItemInfo base class class RKSL_optic_PMII_312 : ItemCore { ace_scopeZeroRange = 100; // Overwrites the ace_setting default zero range ace_scopeHeightAboveRail = 4.2235; // Distance between center of scope and rail in centimeters ace_scopeAdjust_vertical[] = {-1, 12}; // Maxmimum vertical adjustment limits ace_scopeAdjust_horizontal[] = {-6, 6}; // Maximum horizontal adjustment limits ace_scopeAdjust_verticalIncrement = 0.1; // Vertical increment ace_scopeAdjust_horizontalIncrement = 0.1; // Horizontal increment class ItemInfo: InventoryOpticsItem_Base_F { class OpticsModes { class Snip { discreteDistance[] = {100}; discreteDistanceInitIndex = 0; }; }; }; }; };