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  1. I'm planning a mission for my unit where they will be randomly separated, and apart of that will be random respawn positions. I tried the old strategy of using map markers and syncing the units using the random start feature but I kept respawning either where I died or at the same location no matter what I tried. Are there other ways to set multiple respawn points that the players will randomly spawn at?
  2. minerminor79er2

    Respawn or spawn object with a custom init

    Could I have a timer set so that after say like 5-10 minutes it will teleport itself back? The vehicle is a drop pod so it'd be used frequently.
  3. As the title says. I have a vehicle that has a custom init and I want to be able to either have it be spawnable in zeus with the custom init or when the code in the vehicle itself is used it will respawn the vehicle on it's original position.
  4. minerminor79er2

    Drop Pod Script

    Or is there a way I can make it a comp so it can be placed in zeus and still function the same
  5. minerminor79er2

    Drop Pod Script

    Thanks for your help everything is working now. Except I was trying to make it eject the players from the vehicle once it lands and I couldn't get anything to work, how could I do that. And one final thing is there a way I can have it place a new version of the vehicle when it gets used that still has the same functionality?
  6. minerminor79er2

    Drop Pod Script

    this addAction["Initiate Drop Sequence", {5, openMap true; onMapSingleClick { [1,"BLACK",3,1] spawn BIS_fnc_fadeEffect; cutText ["", "BLACK OUT"]; openMap false; drop_pod_1 setPosATL [(_pos#0), (_pos#1), 1000]; drop_pod_1 removeAction 5; onMapSingleClick ""; }; }, [_tObject]]; This is what I have now. Everything is working except I did something wrong with the removeAction line. Also how can I make it so only the person in the gunner seat of the vehicle can see the "Initiate Drop Sequence" action. And when it lands on the ground ejects all occupants from the vehicle and disables simulation?
  7. minerminor79er2

    Drop Pod Script

    Another thing, I want all occupants of the vehicles screen to go black for a couple seconds when the drop starts. That's what this line is for but it doesn't seem to work. sleep 10;
  8. minerminor79er2

    Drop Pod Script

    this addAction["Initiate Drop Sequence", { openMap true; onMapSingleClick { sleep 10; openMap false; drop_pod_1 setPos _pos onMapSingleClick ""; }; }, [_tObject]]; To specify I want it to teleport to where they click on the map but adjust their height at the same time, if I can do that in one line I'd prefer it. As for the remove action portion, thank you I'll add that.
  9. minerminor79er2

    Drop Pod Script

    I'm trying to get a vehicle to act as a drop pod. When you get into a specific seat there is an addAction that will open your map and then when you click on a position on the map it will teleport the vehicle and all inhabitants to that location at 500m-1km above and remove the option to drop again. I already have a the action and part of the teleport working but I wanted suggestions on how to adjust height of the teleport and remove remove the action after its been done.
  10. minerminor79er2

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    All it says is submit for approval which I did a couple of weeks ago.
  11. minerminor79er2

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    My Arma 3 unit https://units.arma3.com/unit/utcw got suspended but idk why it was suspended. Can anyone tell my why and how to fix it.