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  1. I can't even start the game with no mods or anything. Arma 3 just doesnt start at all outside of the launcher. Tried just about everything to fix and still no solution. Please let me know what I can do to help. Thanks.
  2. can confirm that making a new profile through .exe has not worked
  3. ^1) ^2) 1) Well you were right to notice that as the purpose of showing you 2 separate screenshots was to show you that I am still getting the same error regardless of running mods or not, so your next bit of advice is useless, and I mean that in the most respectful way possible. Interesting what you said about the user profiles though. I am using a different user profile from default already. Tried another suggestion where you delete "other profiles" in documents folder. That didn't help either. However I will make another profile again and see if that works. 2) Nothing in steam for launch parameters. The only parameter set in arma 3 launcher is "force window mode" as way to somehow fix the current issue. That hasn't worked either.
  4. You'll find the errors that I'm getting at the following imgur link. https://imgur.com/a/k8O16hw The logo does not show up, it arma 3 does not boot up outside of the launcher at all. I have verified and reverified a number of times, deleted the addon folder even. Hasn't worked. I have set all parameters to default on launch. Hasn't worked. The latest RPT file was from 3 months ago, which it has worked after then. This is a recent issue. Within the past month. Weirdly enough, arma 3 does launch directly from the exe file. Where do I go from here? It must be a launcher error correct?