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    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    Ping Monitoring is known as one of the most generally utilized processes by Network admins to check in case a network device is active. It includes transferring ICMP packets of data to the specific device and waiting for a response. In case there is no reply from the device, then it means it is offline or not working. You can also decide if your network has high or low latency depends on the time it takes for the packet data to be directed back and the packet loss percentage verified. For your convenience we are going to introduce a short list of Ping Monitoring and Management here. 1- Emco ping Monitor: It is software to observe more than one device simultaneously. It directs fixed pings to decide the connectivity and will alert you if there is a problem. It also permits you to make custom script programs that are performed when a warning is caused. The ping data that is sent by the devices is kept in a database that you can contact at a later time. Open https://appuals.com/best-tools-for-ping-monitoring-and-management/ and explore more. The EMCO Ping Monitor permits you to establish this data into grids and charts for better observing and performance contrast among the numerous devices. 2- DotCom Monitor: It is known as full-scale Network Management software that permits you to monitor many other features of your network such as TCP Port, DNS, FTP and Mail Server. DotCom monitor offers a simple way to check the status of your linked devices by transferring them ICMP messages.