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  1. Amazing mod ! Any ETA for next update? Because i need to make a Falklands war mission for my clan and i wonna use you epic terrain 😁
  2. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    And here we are ... the project appeared in other forms on the workshop 😂😂"It is not my work"
  3. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Hunted mission I know is not the same UH60 but Arma give me that =D
  4. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    The mission Charlie Don't Surf TV station I also added IAs, when going by helicopter, which have RP7s that they will use to pull down USMC helicopters In the area where you can play you will always hear the Al-Asad record from citizens' radios placed
  5. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Other Screen of WAR PIG mission
  6. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    Hi @zagor64bz Thanks for your feedback For now, the players who have been able to watch my zeus play have praised me for this project I am not proud of it but rather I am proud to have brought back a little bit of this beautiful campaign on Arma 3 However using Ts3 I use the SoundBoard and start the official tracks of the game. For example sentences / music etc. As I wrote above I'm working on the ship's interiors but obviously there won't be all the effects of the original game (ship wreck)
  7. Emanuele Lazzaro

    Arma 3 CallOfDuty 4MW ReArmared

    For now the part inside the ship is under construction because as you well know it is a casino to recreate interiors from scratch on Arma 3 Now the container with the radioactive material is on the deck of the ship I hope one day I can finish the inside of the ship
  8. Hi guys this is my project i recreating the Call of duty 4 missions on Arma 3 from the " Crew Expendable" operation to the "hunted" mission playable in multiplayer with the help of an excellent zeus i tried to recreate the settings in the greatest detail that Arma can offer But as you will know, for many things it sins I'm looking for a good guy who knows how to recreate various objects for this MP campaign (ex cargo ship) to then publish it on the workshop to make everyone participate in this fabulous campaign Because you also know that when we talk about the MW campaign, a small part of us gets excited once again For now I leave you only the screens of the environments but in the future I will provide you with a nice video dedicated to all this Please comment and have your say and why not if you want to join the project 😎 MORE SCREEN AND VIDEO INCOMING