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  1. BMNS Milsim Group 'A fun and somewhat casual unit but with hints of military realism' Where we started: Anyway, nice to meet you if you are reading this and I hope your day is going wonderfully my name is Skelly and I am attempting to make a 'Unit' out of this unit we have running. We as a unit are a somewhat small tight knit group of friends with a large passion for gaming and Arma especially, but we are looking to broaden and expand our horizons to new members. We were 'formed' sometime in late 2018 and have been playing regular operations every Saturday we are small and have been small for a while with us playing a load of operations since our forming. Some of our members come from a unit that used to play as the 506th Airborne (US WW2) and have experience in those matters. Some Information: Some useful information includes No age restriction in joining, so long as you are eager to learn and play we'd be happy to play with you We use ACE, ACE Medical etc meaning having knowledge of such would help but is not required as it is easily taught. We have a discord which you can join which should have the main information needed to you We are currently in WW2 playing as US Airborne units but we have a cycle among our main Zeus's (Myself, Skelly, Pequod and D-Dom) We have a rank structure which is somewhat lax and you can often climb ranks to a certain rank unless you show signs of leadership for example if you are interested in Squad Leading you have to prove 1. you are capable and 2. you are somewhat active in operations Although we are a European Unit we love to see faces from any part of the world as we do have American members of our unit. Our operations are at a graceful time of 3PM GMT every Saturday which gives time for even the laziest of the unit to wake up. (Also handy for Americans who want to join as approx it falls at about 10am for Americans which isn't much to ask to wake up for.) When playing we try to allow those playing to have the most fun possible but of course we do enjoy Squad organisation as much as the next man so we try to make the best organisation possible when playing and lone-wolfing/rambo-ing is not fun for anybody and can often ruin operations so its up to your discretion to make it fun for everyone. We cycle between Modern Day, WW2 and Vietnam and are currently playing WW2 if you could of not guessed! We currently have two squadrons of which we would be happy to expand to allow others who wish to make their own, make their own; We have Windmill Squadron We have Jackass Squadron Open for you to join or to create your own! Command Structure/Administrators of Servers Main Bois: Skelly (thats me) Pequod D-Dom Secondary Bois: Michel Benjamin Links: Discord: https://discord.gg/YY4KR2u Teamspeak: [Given on arrival to our discord] Website: [None planned] Closing: I'd like to thank anyone for even reading through this little write up and hope to see atleast some of you on the battlefield soon! We will be beginning a campaign this weekend (Saturday 13th April) and would love to see any of you there! Anyways this is me, Skelly your friendly neighborhood milsim recruiter saying adios!