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    Anyone have a FIX??

    Thank you both for the help I have currently resolved the problem it was only needing a new character discard and making a new one but the downside was everything was made default. (Bohemia Please fix for the future)🤞
  2. JoHnny Mate

    Anyone have a FIX??

    Nope just been going no internet servers still nothing wrong with my name. Thank you for answering
  3. JoHnny Mate

    Anyone have a FIX??

    I have several times but nothing. thank you for answering
  4. JoHnny Mate

    Anyone have a FIX??

    My current game has been suffering some issues of not being able to load into servers due to the complication of "You were Kicked off the game. ( BattleEye: Bad Player Name)". But my name is nothing offensive "Jonny Baked", does anyone have another reason for this as well?.