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  1. Hey guys, I've been using my logitech X56 for a few months now. For some reason a few weeks ago I launched arma and when trying to fly I noticed that my helicopter kept yawing from side to side. I checked my controls and sensitivity and whenever I slightly touch the twist on my joysick it maxs out to -100 or 100 instantly with no in between. I then checked the logitech software to see the sensitivity however it showed that it should be working perfectly, same goes for the microsoft configuration application. I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them as well as reset the stick. Here are some gifs of my twisting the rudder in the X56 Software and Arma3: https://gyazo.com/ef9111a080dba155b608c76a4a289f7b https://gyazo.com/4202329928f6331633adbc02714ddd75 Thanks...