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  1. Let me notice, that use of the CUP and RHS together is still a question of compatibility, due the different damage and penetration characteristics of the projectiles, as well as different armor characteristics of the vehicles.

    And since new magazine well implementations, it makes everything more complicated.
    Different projectiles from different mods makes different holes in the same structure... or not.


  2. @haleks  Oh, I wish I could use my language in a future stringtable tags, but Arma 3 has no Ukrainian language support. So in a future we will have to use a russian localization, because your licence is non-derevative.
    In other cases our community uses a Ukrainian texts inside a <Russian> tags for localization purpose.
    I can help you with that text transfers I've mentioned earlier, and do some monkey job. I have some expirience from other projects.

    Just keep it in mind and text me if you interested.


    I also looking for a way to implement those cool CBRN stuff from Contact DLC. But as always, lack of time.
    For example, a Decon Showers

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  3. @chernaruski
    It is pretty old function, but not depricated, AFAIK.
    I had to use localize in scripts, $STR won't work properly in scripts


    Moreover, for a proper localization this function must be implemented on a client side.
    You may see how funny looks a client localized text in ACE medical menu, when someone with a dіfferent locale trying to give you a medical attention 😉

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  4. @haleks Thank you for reply!
    To start a collaboration on multilanguage support it would be better to have a private Github project for this purpose, to collaborate.
    Next step will be to create a proper stringtable.xml file. Next - to refactor all of the code with a proper localization functions and transfer all of the displayed text into strigntable.xml tags,
    For example:

    [myBox, ["<t color='#00ffff'>" + "Move object", "moveobj.sqf","",1,false,false,"true","true",2.5]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true];

    turns to

    [myBox, ["<t color='#00ffff'>" + localize "STR_ACTION_MOVEOBJ", "moveobj.sqf","",1,false,false,"true","true",2.5]] remoteExec ["addAction", 0, true];

    and text goes to stringtable.xml

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
    <Project name="YourProject">
    <Package name="Description">
         <Original>Move object</Original>
         <English>Move object</English>
         <Russian>Переместить объєкт</Russian>

    But there are some tricks with localization process. Sometimes you can just use $STR_ instead of localize (depends on a side where it runs). And you have to use &lt; and &gt; instead of < > with localize function, because of parser limitaion. Etc, etc.
    For example, for a server side, in Description.ext you can use $STR method:


    and proper tags in stringtable.xml will be

         <Original>Mission successful!</Original>
         <English>Mission successful!</English>
         <Russian>Миссия успешно завершена!</Russian>


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  5. Problem found on Linux server 1.92

    Mission failed just at the beginning

    20:50:04 "EVO/BIS_fnc_log: [BIS_fnc_endMission] Mission failed with 'end1' ending."
    20:50:04 Game finished.

    On Windows local server the mission starts fine


    ! SOLVED (found by varrkan_ua) !  The problem was due I've renamed the mission file on Linux server. File name must contain "evor"

    if ((toLower missionName) find "evor" < 0) exitWith {"EveryoneLost" call BIS_fnc_endMissionServer;};