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  1. As the title is saying, I'm searching for a way to make indep be kind of neutral, if you don't fire they don't fire back. And no, the "Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon" thing doesn't work, I mean, it does for like 5 seconds after they see me. Also searching for a Holster script, I'm using the ravage mod which supposedly has one but it doesn't work, or it may interfere with other mods and that's why it doesn't work. (doesn't work on vanilla weapons either)
  2. How is that different ? It's the same thing, they need to be neutral so they only shoot when fired upon...
  3. So, they are prty much the same, but my problem is this: https://imgur.com/a/j2VhLqC I'm blue coming from the side, gonna kill some enemies where red is to help green, then go in and "trade" with them, there is a trader inside that house. My problem is that if I shoot anywhere close to them they will shoot me. My plan was to make a shop with indep inside, no matter what is going on outside they will not leave or shoot until fired upon, and once you shoot them they won't go back to being friendly. That's what I wanted to do, but as more I thing about it the more complicated it gets, so I may end up making them BluFor and make them invincible so you can't kill them and take their stuff for free.
  4. The first one doesn't work, or I don't know how to make it work, and I'll try the second one tomorrow bc it looks too complicated to start it now. I'll tell you how it went after I finish it tomorrow. Also, ty for your help so far.
  5. So I found the script you told me about from Grumpy Old Man //initPlayerLocal.sqf TAG_fnc_captiveCheck = { params ["_unit"]; _unit setCaptive true; waitUntil {currentWeapon _unit != ""}; _unit setCaptive false; {_x reveal [_unit,4]} forEach (_unit nearEntities 25); }; player spawn TAG_fnc_captiveCheck; Only problem is that it doesn't work if your weapon is holstered, it's like the weapon is equipped. What if instead of no gun, the gun is lowered if that's even a command for scripts, holstered would be the best but I think that needs a completely new script ?
  6. Looks like I forgot how to install scripts, yep, it works without the mission.sqm, idk what I was thinking about, ty. And I honestly forgot why exactly I keep the mission.sqm not binarized, but I know something went wrong in the past and it had to do with the mission.sqm and I couldn't edit it. So I just keep it like this, bc last time I had to start it all over again.
  7. Ok, I'm not very good at this stuff but here is some of my mission.sqm version=53; class EditorData { moveGridStep=15.697117; angleGridStep=0.2617994; scaleGridStep=1; autoGroupingDist=10; toggles=513; class ItemIDProvider { nextID=928; }; class MarkerIDProvider { nextID=6; }; class LayerIndexProvider { nextID=42; }; class Camera { pos[]={12413.854,76.453064,14243.263}; dir[]={0.67097497,-0.59618539,-0.44114903}; up[]={0.49812803,0.80288565,-0.32750764}; aside[]={-0.54939795,2.856832e-007,-0.83562636}; }; }; binarizationWanted=0; addons[]= { "ryanzombiesfunctions", "ravage", "A3_Modules_F_Multiplayer", "CUP_Creatures_Military_CDF", so how do I add your mission.sqm to mine if yours is like this: raP ‹ version 5 EditorData ± addons A3_Ui_F A3_Modules_F_Curator_Curator A3_Structures_F_Civ_Camping A3_Structures_F_Items_Electronics A3_Characters_F A3_Weapons_F_Rifles_MX A3_Weapons_F_Mark_Rifles_MX A3_Weapons_F_Acc A3_Weapons_F_Mark_Acc A3_Weapons_F A3_Weapons_F_Launchers_RPG32 A3_Weapons_F_Pistols_P07 A3_Weapons_F_Items AddonsMetaData Î randomSeed ¡* ScenarioData R Mission h ‹ moveGridStep €?angleGridStep ’ †>scaleGridStep €?autoGroupingDist Atoggles ItemIDProvider M MarkerIDProvider ` Camera s Î nextID _ ` nextID s pos dÜ€EÃ׎BHSƒEdir ìo»1T¿æk?up †…d»p[?ëT?aside ,€?Àwm´Ô‰;Î List Þ R items Item0 2 Item1 ¤ Item2 1 Item3 µ Item4 > Item5 Ä R className A3_Ui_F name Arma 3 - User Interface author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com ¤ className A3_Modules_F_Curator name Arma 3 Zeus Update - Scripted Modules author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com 1 className A3_Structures_F name Arma 3 - Buildings and Structures author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com µ className A3_Characters_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Characters and Clothing author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com > className A3_Weapons_F name Arma 3 Alpha - Weapons and Accessories author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com Ä className A3_Weapons_F_Mark name Arma 3 Marksmen - Weapons and Accessories author Bohemia Interactive url https://www.arma3.com R author player h Intel ‡ Entities ƒ ‹ timeOfChanges áDstartWeather startWind ÍÌÌ=startWaves ÍÌÌ=forecastWeather forecastWind ÍÌÌ=forecastWaves ÍÌÌ=forecastLightnings ÍÌÌ=year ó day hour minute startFogDecay B`e<forecastFogDecay B`e<ƒ items Item0 × Item1 B Item2 c Item3 # Item4 Æ Item5 Å ‹ dataType Marker position {Ë€E @WT„E name respawn_west text Respawn type Empty id B dataType Logic PositionInfo ± id type ModuleCurator_F atlOffset #ÛµA CustomAttributes Ñ c position ÝK‚E#ÛÝAZ/„EÑ Attribute0 9 Attribute1 ë Attribute2 – Attribute3 ? Attribute4 ¸ nAttributes c property ModuleCurator_F_Owner expression _this setVariable ['Owner',_value,true]; Value ¡ ë data ± ë type Ö value #adminLogged ë type STRING ë property ModuleCurator_F_Forced expression _this setVariable ['Forced',_value,true]; Value U – data e – type value – type SCALAR – property ModuleCurator_F_Name expression _this setVariable ['Name',_value,true]; Value ü ? data ? type * value admin ? type STRING ? property ModuleInfo expression false Value y ¸ data ‰ ¸ type ¥ value ¸ type BOOL ¸ property ModuleCurator_F_Addons expression _this setVariable ['Addons',_value,true]; Value " c data 2 c type N value @@c type SCALAR c dataType Trigger position Ý€E @T„E Attributes Ä id ; type EmptyDetector # onActivation hint "press Y for ZEUS"; sizeA AsizeB A activationBy ANYPLAYER # dataType Object PositionInfo side Empty flags Attributes À id type Land_CampingTable_small_F Æ position ÌÀEi÷¬@Óe„EÀ Æ dataType Object PositionInfo < side Empty Attributes t id type Land_FMradio_F atlOffset È P?Å position WÆ€EéV¼@¬f„Eangles 1øK@ t init playSound3D ["a3\missions_f\data\sounds\radio_track_01.ogg", this]; Å dataType Group side West Entities Attributes … id < ‹ items Item0 , … dataType Object PositionInfo side West flags Attributes ½ id = type B_soldier_AR_F … position hÄ€EÊ @>U„E½ isPlayer Inventory á … primaryWeapon Ç secondaryWeapon handgun › uniform vest Ä backpack ñ map ItemMap compass ItemCompass watch ItemWatch radio ItemRadio goggles G_Combat hmd NVGoggles headgear H_HelmetB_grass … name arifle_MX_SW_F muzzle muzzle_snds_H flashlight acc_pointer_IR underBarrel bipod_01_F_snd primaryMuzzleMag I name 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag ammoLeft d name launch_RPG32_F › name hgun_P07_F muzzle muzzle_snds_L primaryMuzzleMag à name 16Rnd_9x21_Mag ammoLeft typeName U_B_CombatUniform_mcam_tshirt isBackpack MagazineCargo m ItemCargo ‚ Ä items Item0 « Item1 ß Item2 Item3 J ‚ name HandGrenade count ammoLeft ß name SmokeShell count ammoLeft name SmokeShellGreen count ammoLeft J name Chemlight_green count ammoLeft ‚ items Item0 Ÿ Ä name FirstAidKit count Ä typeName V_PlateCarrier2_rgr isBackpack MagazineCargo ñ items Item0 @ Item1 ‚ Item2 ¹ ñ name 100Rnd_65x39_caseless_mag count ammoLeft d ‚ name 16Rnd_9x21_Mag count ammoLeft ¹ name Chemlight_green count ammoLeft ñ typeName B_AssaultPack_rgr isBackpack MagazineCargo 8 … items Item0 U … name RPG32_F count ammoLeft … ‹
  8. I tried your script like 20 min, but the mission.sqf is binarized, and the one I use on the server isn't, and I can't find a way to combine them...
  9. GreenXp


    Hey, can anyone help me with a problem regarding safe zones. So I put a safe zone down but it doesn't work, the ambient ai still spawn in the safe zone.
  10. I somehow made everything work so far, ty all for you support. There are 2 more things I need help with before starting to make the mission https://imgur.com/a/TGyLuKa That "HIT 22m" is the distance from where I shot someone, but it also shows the distance that an AI shot another AI, it shows the distance from everyone. I don't want it at all, I've searched for it but I can't find any option about it. And is there any way to edit an already started mission, so if I play on a mission that I made MP with a friend for example, after we get bored and leave, can I eddit the mission from where everything is at the moment ? I'm prty sure I did it before but I can't do it anymore, I assume is when you make the server and instead of resume you hit 3DEditor, but that doesn't work bc I get an error, which I can provide later.
  11. So I made a plane spawn when someone goes in a trigger zone, the plane will fly over the player and despawn at some point, now I want to add so that plane drops a bomb, It's a wipeout. I looked for hours and I only found smth about forcefire that didn't work wich is exactly what I'm looking for, and then I found a thing that spawns a bomb in the trigger zone wich didn't work either and I tried the CAS thingy in modules too but I didn't manage to make it work. I want somethig simple in-game no scripts or other external stuff bc I'm bad at it. I would appreciate any suggestions even if they are from the one's I already tried, maybe I missed smth.
  12. Well, by my logic it would work if I did getPos M1 wich would be a marker or even the trigger that the script is in, but it doesn't work, I tried setPos, getPos, only works with getPos player
  13. Ok, it works, but fuck your "-" I get it you want everything lined up and nice, but in the code that shit doesn't work, see why I say I hate this, a little tiny bit fucks everything. Ty for wasting your time for me tho, and how do I change it's position so it doesn't hunt me, I want the plane to shoot where the trigger is not where I am.
  14. You would be surprised, I'll try to use the script, but I'm 90% sure I'll lose another day on trying to make it work and then I would find a work around and leave it be. I'm too retarded, it's probably very easy but idk where to start. After using a script yesterday I'm done, I had to change 1 thing, get into the game and see if it works then repeat, and 1 thing was literally 1 letter or point.
  15. I saw that some time ago but as I said, I'm very bad at scripts. People that usually script just give the script and let's you go from there, I can't do shit with that unless you show me exactly what I need to do with it, every detail, lost enough time fixing 1 script on my own with trail and error when the author could've just said, ahh you just need to add that there, and done.
  16. Same thing, I kinda made it work with the bombs but the rockets just go flying straight no matter what I do
  17. So I finally made a gbu spawn in the air exactly when the plane is above the trigger zone, now the problem is that the bomb is too slow, I need to somehow increase it's velocity if that's a thing this is the code so far strike1 = []; if (isServer) then { _strike = "Bo_Mk82_MI08" createVehicle (getpos plane1); }; Edit: So I added _strike setVelocity [0,0,0] } wich doesn't work properly, the X makes it do an arch then drop, the y will make it go forward and the z will make it go up, I figured the x would make it fall faster but it goes up for some reason and makes an arch
  18. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

    I did copy paste that but it wouldn't work and I don't know where to put the items that I want to spawn too, I told you I'm too retarded for this shit.
  19. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

    As it turns out I'm too retarded and couldn't figure it out after hours so I ended up doing this (added spaces between items, as it is right now it looks like it's a 1 to 3 ratio but sometimes more), I'm surprised it works but I'm happy with it and I'm done messing with scripts I'm too retarded for them. //________________ Enemies , will drop items or add to their inventory , when killed , configurable ________________ addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer"]; if (_killed isKindOf "CAManBase" //________________ you can select to enable the script with the side of the killed persons ________________ && {( (side group _killed) == east || (side group _killed) == independent || (side group _killed) == west) } ) then { //systemChat format ["killed"]; //________________ notification ________________ // [[ // ["Killed","align = 'center' size = '1' font='PuristaBold'","#FBFCFE"] // ]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; _unit = _this select 0; //________________ add to their inventory ________________ //you can add a vest (when killed!) // _unit addVest ""; //you can add a weapon (on random) // _PrimaryWeapon = selectRandom [ //LightMachineGuns // "" // ]; // _unit addWeaponGlobal _PrimaryWeapon; //you can add a certain weapon //_unit addWeaponGlobal ""; //you can attachment of the weapon // _unit addPrimaryWeaponItem ""; // _uniform = uniformContainer _unit; // _vest = vestContainer _unit; //add to their inventory // _unit linkItem ""; //add in their uniform // _uniform addMagazineCargoGlobal ["", 0]; // _uniform addItemCargoGlobal ["", 0]; //add in their vest // _vest addMagazineCargoGlobal ["", 0]; //________________ Drop items ________________ _Drop_items = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle (getpos _unit); _Drop_items addItemCargoGlobal [(selectRandom[ //________________ Ravage_items ________________ "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_spirit", "", "rvg_franta", "", "", "rvg_beans", "", "rvg_bacon", "", "rvg_rustyCanEmpty", "", "rvg_beansEmpty", "", "rvg_baconEmpty", "", "rvg_spiritEmpty", "", "rvg_frantaEmpty", "", "rvg_plasticBottleEmpty" ]), 1]; // select the amount of the items }; }];
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    GF Drop Loot Script

  21. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

    I'm prty new to scripting but I may be retarded too, can't find a way to add the possibility thing Can't add this //________________ add _possibility ________________ _possibility = random 10 < 3; if (_possibility) then { <code> }; to this //________________ Drop items ________________ _Drop_items = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle (getpos _unit); _Drop_items addItemCargoGlobal [(selectRandom[ //________________ Ravage_items ________________ "rvg_money", "rvg_money", "rvg_money", "rvg_spirit", "rvg_franta", "rvg_beans", "rvg_bacon", "rvg_rustyCanEmpty", "rvg_beansEmpty", "rvg_baconEmpty", "rvg_spiritEmpty", "rvg_frantaEmpty", "rvg_plasticBottleEmpty" ]), 1]; // select the amount of the items }; }]; I'd appreciate if you could explain like I'm 5. ty
  22. So I made a mission and played co op with a friend, now I want to add something to that mission while we have progression saved. I'm prty sure I did it before but I can't remember any suggestions ?
  23. Its a fairly self explanatory question. If I resupply something over and over again will the truck run out of supplies ? and if it does or doesn't how do I change that ? I want to make it so it can only resupply let's say 2 or 3 tanks.