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  1. I somehow made everything work so far, ty all for you support. There are 2 more things I need help with before starting to make the mission https://imgur.com/a/TGyLuKa That "HIT 22m" is the distance from where I shot someone, but it also shows the distance that an AI shot another AI, it shows the distance from everyone. I don't want it at all, I've searched for it but I can't find any option about it. And is there any way to edit an already started mission, so if I play on a mission that I made MP with a friend for example, after we get bored and leave, can I eddit the mission from where everything is at the moment ? I'm prty sure I did it before but I can't do it anymore, I assume is when you make the server and instead of resume you hit 3DEditor, but that doesn't work bc I get an error, which I can provide later.
  2. Well, by my logic it would work if I did getPos M1 wich would be a marker or even the trigger that the script is in, but it doesn't work, I tried setPos, getPos, only works with getPos player
  3. Ok, it works, but fuck your "-" I get it you want everything lined up and nice, but in the code that shit doesn't work, see why I say I hate this, a little tiny bit fucks everything. Ty for wasting your time for me tho, and how do I change it's position so it doesn't hunt me, I want the plane to shoot where the trigger is not where I am.
  4. You would be surprised, I'll try to use the script, but I'm 90% sure I'll lose another day on trying to make it work and then I would find a work around and leave it be. I'm too retarded, it's probably very easy but idk where to start. After using a script yesterday I'm done, I had to change 1 thing, get into the game and see if it works then repeat, and 1 thing was literally 1 letter or point.
  5. I saw that some time ago but as I said, I'm very bad at scripts. People that usually script just give the script and let's you go from there, I can't do shit with that unless you show me exactly what I need to do with it, every detail, lost enough time fixing 1 script on my own with trail and error when the author could've just said, ahh you just need to add that there, and done.
  6. Same thing, I kinda made it work with the bombs but the rockets just go flying straight no matter what I do
  7. So I finally made a gbu spawn in the air exactly when the plane is above the trigger zone, now the problem is that the bomb is too slow, I need to somehow increase it's velocity if that's a thing this is the code so far strike1 = []; if (isServer) then { _strike = "Bo_Mk82_MI08" createVehicle (getpos plane1); }; Edit: So I added _strike setVelocity [0,0,0] } wich doesn't work properly, the X makes it do an arch then drop, the y will make it go forward and the z will make it go up, I figured the x would make it fall faster but it goes up for some reason and makes an arch
  8. So I made a plane spawn when someone goes in a trigger zone, the plane will fly over the player and despawn at some point, now I want to add so that plane drops a bomb, It's a wipeout. I looked for hours and I only found smth about forcefire that didn't work wich is exactly what I'm looking for, and then I found a thing that spawns a bomb in the trigger zone wich didn't work either and I tried the CAS thingy in modules too but I didn't manage to make it work. I want somethig simple in-game no scripts or other external stuff bc I'm bad at it. I would appreciate any suggestions even if they are from the one's I already tried, maybe I missed smth.
  9. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

    I did copy paste that but it wouldn't work and I don't know where to put the items that I want to spawn too, I told you I'm too retarded for this shit.
  10. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

    As it turns out I'm too retarded and couldn't figure it out after hours so I ended up doing this (added spaces between items, as it is right now it looks like it's a 1 to 3 ratio but sometimes more), I'm surprised it works but I'm happy with it and I'm done messing with scripts I'm too retarded for them. //________________ Enemies , will drop items or add to their inventory , when killed , configurable ________________ addMissionEventHandler ["EntityKilled", { params ["_killed", "_killer"]; if (_killed isKindOf "CAManBase" //________________ you can select to enable the script with the side of the killed persons ________________ && {( (side group _killed) == east || (side group _killed) == independent || (side group _killed) == west) } ) then { //systemChat format ["killed"]; //________________ notification ________________ // [[ // ["Killed","align = 'center' size = '1' font='PuristaBold'","#FBFCFE"] // ]]spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2; _unit = _this select 0; //________________ add to their inventory ________________ //you can add a vest (when killed!) // _unit addVest ""; //you can add a weapon (on random) // _PrimaryWeapon = selectRandom [ //LightMachineGuns // "" // ]; // _unit addWeaponGlobal _PrimaryWeapon; //you can add a certain weapon //_unit addWeaponGlobal ""; //you can attachment of the weapon // _unit addPrimaryWeaponItem ""; // _uniform = uniformContainer _unit; // _vest = vestContainer _unit; //add to their inventory // _unit linkItem ""; //add in their uniform // _uniform addMagazineCargoGlobal ["", 0]; // _uniform addItemCargoGlobal ["", 0]; //add in their vest // _vest addMagazineCargoGlobal ["", 0]; //________________ Drop items ________________ _Drop_items = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle (getpos _unit); _Drop_items addItemCargoGlobal [(selectRandom[ //________________ Ravage_items ________________ "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_money", "", "rvg_spirit", "", "rvg_franta", "", "", "rvg_beans", "", "rvg_bacon", "", "rvg_rustyCanEmpty", "", "rvg_beansEmpty", "", "rvg_baconEmpty", "", "rvg_spiritEmpty", "", "rvg_frantaEmpty", "", "rvg_plasticBottleEmpty" ]), 1]; // select the amount of the items }; }];
  11. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

  12. GreenXp

    GF Drop Loot Script

    I'm prty new to scripting but I may be retarded too, can't find a way to add the possibility thing Can't add this //________________ add _possibility ________________ _possibility = random 10 < 3; if (_possibility) then { <code> }; to this //________________ Drop items ________________ _Drop_items = "groundWeaponHolder" createVehicle (getpos _unit); _Drop_items addItemCargoGlobal [(selectRandom[ //________________ Ravage_items ________________ "rvg_money", "rvg_money", "rvg_money", "rvg_spirit", "rvg_franta", "rvg_beans", "rvg_bacon", "rvg_rustyCanEmpty", "rvg_beansEmpty", "rvg_baconEmpty", "rvg_spiritEmpty", "rvg_frantaEmpty", "rvg_plasticBottleEmpty" ]), 1]; // select the amount of the items }; }]; I'd appreciate if you could explain like I'm 5. ty
  13. So I made a mission and played co op with a friend, now I want to add something to that mission while we have progression saved. I'm prty sure I did it before but I can't remember any suggestions ?