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  1. macross zero

    Task canceled? Doubts

    I'm doing a mission and the task is to eliminate a target. I achieve this task, which I can not manage to cancel with the modules predestined for this purpose. I use a trigger: On act:! Alive Soer this is for him to die but that I must put in the other trigger so that it lives or is so that it does not die in on act to cancel the task.
  2. macross zero

    Respawn in vehicle?

    Hi, I'm new to Arma and I wanted to know how I can make a soldier revive in a vehicle, so when he dies he always relives in the vehicle (tank) I do not understand any of the scripts if they explain that I have to modify and where I place it examples _unit ay the unit that I want Reviva to that I mean. By the way I'm from another country and I do not understand English so I use the translator for everything Thank you.