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    About Arma 2 OA

    I don't even know how to start this post, honestly. I could be sitting here all day talking, and people would give 0 attention to it. However I will state that so far, the big majority of the arma community can agree about arma 2 being the sweetest game, and the best game they ever played. The greatest horribly laggy, and buggy experience they ever had. My point is that Arma 2 is dying within each day, now that there are 3 "populated" servers. One of them you literally can't play on unless you donate to be whitelisted, and eventually we will have another really great server coming sometime down the line. Maybe it happens this year, maybe it happens next year. With the community trying it's best to survive, and we are trying our best to make the game popular enough to have enough players to be able to play the game. However we have 0 support from anyone else aside from the community itself to actually make a difference, and that makes me sad. Arma 3 isn't great, arma 2 is great regardless to it's bugs, lags etc. It's one hell of a game, specifically Epoch/Overpoch for Arma 2: OA. Now, no matter how i'll shout and pout and try to make a difference, I most likely won't. I am trying to create a voice for us. Can we for the love of god either get an Arma 4 being as good as Arma 2 was, use the same good old engine? Atleast the game was fun, if this isn't possible atleast use a new engine that fixes the bugs, but keeps the Arma 2 game mechanics. Maybe we could even get a remastered version of Arma 2? I can assure you there will be a lot of people that would be buying the game, and would go back to play it. You could make A4 as well, but I am sure remastering Arma 2 as a game wouldn't take long to feel fresh, maybe with some graphical enhancement/addon enhancement, and possibly some bugfixes? This could be done while you're on your big lead project, which would be A4 or whatever it is in your case. Anyways, I really hope for an A4, and it would be really cool if it was as good as the Arma 2 experience. It could be the exact same game with quite alot more addons, new mechanics, and even maybe a new map. I dont know what it is, just make the game great please. The game is dying to the max, and the community is hard at work to try and keep itself alive, and keep the player base. However it's helpless when the community feels like it's hanging on the edge, and there is no one who can prevent it from falling. Please do something about our community, its yours. You made it, care for it. Original post prior to edit for readibility: