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  1. I know a fair amount about modding other games, but I'm trying to get into Arma and it's extremely complex. I have ONE goal for now. I want a black Strider with a decent top speed (~200km/h) that retains the original Strider's amphibious nature, but is faster in the water (~65km/h) with the 30mm cannon from the BTR/Gorgon instead of the RCWS. Getting models and textures out of the game is pretty easy. I already have the black textures, the strider model, and the cannon model/textures. The next steps for me are integrating the finished thing into the game, which I have NO idea how to do. Can someone post an easy to understand guide of how to put a finished model into the game?
  2. The Black Fox

    Make static vehicles drivable?

    How tho Okay, so how did Bohemia remove the turret from the Bobcat in the IDAP addon? Also, would you know how to integrate the trawler mod by Dascha listed above into my addon? I've unpacked the pbo into my mission directory and edited config.cpp accordingly.
  3. The Black Fox

    Make static vehicles drivable?

    What about editing the models into actual vehicles? Also, I see you used scripts to mount weapons. How would I use scripts to replace the Strider's GMG/HMG with the Gorgon's 30mm cannon?
  4. The Black Fox

    Make static vehicles drivable?

    MTE How do I do this? I've attached two MG's on the back of the trawler and a GMG on the bridge, but how do I attach a static to a vehicle? Very nice! Although I wish you could walk around on it when it's stationary (less than 7km/h)
  5. So I made an island base out of the limestone rocks that came with Malden. About 100m away on a boat it doesn't lag, but once you get 50m in it starts to lag a LOT (as in the frame rate drops). The island has an interior cave as the rocks are placed precisely. On the interior, no matter how low the game's settings are set, it drops to about 8fps. It's a really nice island and doesn't require the terrain editor, but the lag makes the area unplayable. Here's a link to a custom composition of it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/qnfnii24nmakkbq/Island%20Base.zip
  6. There are some static vehicles (like the giant dump truck on Tanoa, bulldozer, there's evena really nice trawler model) that would be entirely plausible to turn into actual pilotable vehicles and I don't know why you here at BI didn't (especially with the trawler) make them drivable. Is there any way I can make them drivable through scripting or no? If not, how would I make them into vehicles?
  7. Hmmm, it seems to have set the parent task as complete instead of the child task.
  8. I have a mission where players need to complete at least one of four tasks. One of them is Malden's primary airport. The objective is to clear the entire airport of NATO vehicles and infantry. How would I set up a trigger for this? I have it set to cover the area of the airport with "NATO Not Present" but it's not working. Can anyone help me with this?
  9. The Black Fox

    Issues with two groups on Malden

    okay gonna try again with a fresh remake of the mission where not much else is changed
  10. already did that, and no, I'm not using that command. The mission doesn't load when using a PBO as using a PBO would theoretically allow it to run properly.
  11. The Black Fox

    Helicopter Not Flying at start

    I recently had this problem. I was using a system called the Simulation Manager, and the "exclude aircraft" flag didn't seem to be doing anything.
  12. LANGUAGE!!! I'm not insulting anyone. Calm down.
  13. What language? I haven't sworn once. Nobody told me to, but you suggested it. I want to change one texture on one vehicle in one mission, I don't need a script to do so.
  14. Who tf wants to use a long script when you can just put one or two lines in the init of an object as long as the texture is stored in the A3 folder?
  15. None of the methods mentioned in the wiki since 1.64 work either as I've tried them. If you got any more suggestions, let's hear them.