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  1. Dude you think is a bad idea but some players doesnt..if you dont want play on PlayStation just dont play..i really like Arma and i want play on PS
  2. RaizyPT

    Arma 3 - Possible Console Idea

    the controls of the Arma are many but they would use these commands by pressing button R1, for other L1 commands or until at the same time the R1 / L1. They just need to think.
  3. RaizyPT

    Arma 3 - Possible Console Idea

    Its easy to do this...just put the controles pressing R1/L1 and select the option.
  4. Hello. 👉Some time I'm thinking about this and I decided to share with you my idea ... it was great if Bohemia Interactive puts on Arma 3, DayZ among other games on Playstation 4. I've already heard that they are going to do DayZ for Playstation 4 but I do not know if this is true or not ... it was good that it was true we need games like this on other platforms. I know that Arma 3 has many commands but ... putting a game like this on the Playstation plus the DLC's (in the case of Playstation (extras)) was excellent! A war game on a huge map, with lots of things to do, was going to be awesome. Think about it. Do not create games just for computers, because your games are very good and many people after watching the game would join.👈 👍👽