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  1. Yes I'm sure. Even got an admin to verify it.
  2. Yes. Didn't work with another mic either. The problem isn't my microphone since it works on all other servers. I think it might be something to do with firewall settings blocking that particular server? I didn't see anything blocking it when i checked though.
  3. It's not whitelisted and I already talked to support. They said they don't know why my mic doesn't work.
  4. Yes. Others on the server can talk, I am on the correct channel and the channel isn't disabled.
  5. So after I reinstalled windows 10 my microphone hasn't been working in this one specific server. It worked before reinstalling Windows. I tested with another Arma profile and it didn't help. To my surprise I tried a couple of other servers and it worked on all of them. My working microphone is set to default in windows, it works in steam, I tried running steam and Arma in administrator mode, creating new Arma profiles, reinstalling Arma, checking microphone drivers, restarting PC. Before you ask, no I have not been banned from talking on the server, I checked 😂. My voice shows as transmitting but no sound is coming out. Specs : I5-7600k@4.6ghz, Windows 10, Nvidia GTX 1060, Asus prime z270-a. Headset is steelseries arctis 3