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  1. It is dual boot. Everything has worked since, also downloading a few other files. It's a hard problem to induce. Could notify you if I get the problem again? If I am the only encountering this problem, it is not really that big, at least.
  2. I just downloaded Java and ArmaA3Sync. I set up everything as my unit recommends, but it only works... sometimes. Suddenly, it will lose connection, and retry for X amount of time until it starts downloading again, full speed. If I cancel when I get the problem, I will get error/Failed to connect, and will have to wait until it suddenly works. Tried disabling antivirus, firewalls, restarting computer couple of times, letting the computer wiz in the unit look through everything with desktop sharing, but nothing really works. I guess this will actually work once everything is downloaded (I hope), do you have any other suggestions? Have not been able to test on another network. Windows 10 on a Macbook Pro 2016, plenty of disk space, good, stable internet connection. Small edit: It seems to work better if I did keep focus on ArmaA3Sync window, and now when everything is complete, it works at least. Still strange.