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    OOOF, so friggin tru. I've been saying this on reddit for like 1 year and a half now, only to be downvoted to fuck (I was a bit edgy back then and said stupid shit) anyway. Im not gonna take sides. I don't even want balancing right now on warlords. But Captain Dawson is completely right and the game right now never ends in the Endgame. As I just pointed out in a discussion thread I made on the workshop forums, Warlords has a serious issue in which the match becomes a complete drag. Early game is too long, Late game never ends if the defending team (be it opfor or blufor) spams infantry with AT and Automatic turrets to "defend the area" (or how I call it, deny the enemy the possibility to capture it). Its disgusting and makes the game a complete drag for both the attacking team and the defending team (AKA, the faction with more CP and the faction with less CP and/or assets). As I've mentioned in my discussion, I suggest making Capture Zones a lot smaller (like the size of a building (Like in the OFPS mod (which is based on the Bectis mod from ArmA 2, in which capture points are actually bunkers) (I recommend you guys check their server out), maxing planes to 2-5 planes per faction at a time (or making airstrikes like Hostilian and Captain Dawson suggests, and other improvements I also complained on reddit the possibility of having a way to capture Pyrgos with a link from AAC Airfield, meaning Blufor should be able to target Pyrgos if they capture AAC airfield and/or sagonisi harbor I think it was called. That way Blufor would have a way to possibly counter attack enemy antiair coming from Pyrgos. (or make a capture point on the island close to AAC Airfield, making it a lot easier to spawn there and defend the island against campers), it would also help on making Anthrakia not be the chokepoint that currently is, since you could advance on the other island through water from Sagonisi Harbor or AAC, letting both factions have another way to pose an invasion into the other island. Also the possibility to delete warping altogether from Warlords (like in OFPS), or make it extremely expensive. (all these are different options to stop the disgusting tactics that have been developing in the warlords meta) I'll leave a link to my discussion thread if someone wants to read more. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/462357997/2440336391121768734/ (post is awaiting approval so maybe it wont show up yet, though this post is a TLDR of what I said there and actually I added here some things of my previous reddit complaints).