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  1. hey, we are preparing a distance lighting for Jasło. It's a quick showcase.
  2. I tried to swap it quickly cobblestone. It failed, we need to create a decal and replace it with the same size. Unfortunately, all this takes time.
  3. BeastHunter makes such attempts but these are different types of objects. We are thinking about how to fix it but unfortunately it is not that simple.
  4. In general, they are old models so they are not perfect. Lod 0 has 1692 vertex. They use textures from Army 3 because I put on lightweight addons. Has its own lightmap texture.
  5. Jareniówka new version.
  6. New locations (work in progress)
  7. This weekend new update.
  8. Thank you. They can be convinced how we will add more country area where the FPS will be better. We are planning an update for 2000 subscriptions. If you have any ideas for what is missing in the areas, let me know. We will try to implement the achievable and remarkable ideas for the climate. If anyone has the ability to implement objects to the Army, we invite you to cooperate.